How to Pre-purchase the Mechaspeaker Mask in Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX Guide)

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Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX) finally unveils their upcoming event for their first anniversary, the Attack on Titan crossover and exciting anniversary event full of prizes, exclusive item and rewards. One of the exclusive item on this event is the Anniversary Mechaspeaker Mask in which it resembles the Razer’s Zephyr mask.

Update as of 06/03/2022 at 4:49 PM: ROX Team has updated the Purchase notes and the Mechaspeaker Mask is only 1 slot and has no Elite card slot on it. (Though the pre-registration didn’t display this info, you can find it on the ? icon from the 1st anniversary page of Rox)

The item is a pre-sale package exclusively from their official website top-up page only and selected payment method is only available such as Credit/Debit Card or Razer Gold. Unfortunately, Gcash is not available.

Pre-purchase the Mechaspeaker Mask (Lucky Draw Only)

Note: The pre-purchase will not guarantee you to obtained the exclusive mask, but a raffle entry for you to get a chance to get the mask out from the 618 lucky adventurers. Those who are unlucky will only get 1,000 Diamonds or Dazzling Mask. Subsequent purchase will only get 500 Diamonds.

All of the rewards will be sent on June 18 to 22, 2022. The event will end on July 1st.

To pre-purchase you need to go to Ragnarok X Next Generation official top-up page at

Select the preferred payment method (Credit/Debit Card or Razer Gold). After that, select the Anniversary Mask listed for PHP 49. Then click the Submit button.

Follow everything on the payment portal and once done, you will receive an in-game mail containing the receipt of your purchase and the mechanics.

Is spending PHP 49 worth it? Yes, it is worth it even you didn’t get the mask at this price. You still get a 1,000 Diamonds which is cheaper than the Diamond shop at a rate of 1000 Diamonds for 100 PHP.

Get it after Pre-sale but for PHP 500 ($9.99)

For those unlucky adventurer, starting June 18, you can still get the exclusive item for $9.99 via the ROX official top-up page at

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