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This year’s War of Chosen has been the most thrilling tournament yet in Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX), as many unexpected events have taken place. Teams from newer servers have defeated the former champions, and new teams have emerged from other servers that became the finalists. The War of Chosen is the annual tournament where the best players and teams from all servers compete against each other in a battle for supremacy.

Yesterday, the War of Chosen championship tournament ended with a thrilling match between the two finalist teams: MonSter of Nemesis server and Red Panda of Carew server. During the battle, Red Panda took a lot of damage against the duo assassin of MonSter team, Winzza and MonSterX8888. But Red Panda managed to win two more rounds by using clever tactics, an impressive timing of Epiclesis skill by their ArchBishops (using this skill before the count down ends allows them to resurrect their teammates, and having the most players alive, a team can win the round), which led into an exciting 5-round match. In the end, MonSter used their superior firepower to defeat Red Panda, becoming the newest Champion of ROX’s War of Chosen. While Red Panda follows through as runner-up.

In an interview with MonSter’ MVP, Valentine ♥. She says, “It’s a dream for us to win the match. We’re very happy since we didn’t think we could win. Thanks to every member of the team. MonSter team really did a great job!”

Winning Prizes

All of the top 8 teams will able to bring home prizes where ROX has prepared, totaling more than $60,000 USD. The winning team, MonSter will be receiving the exclusive rewards of the Championship trophy of Thor Poring’s Hammer and a Huawei P50 Pocket for each of the members. Aside from this, all of the winning team member will have their own character displayed in-game at the Prontera square across all of the server for 1 month. Adventurers who happens to be in the same server of the winning team, server Nemesis will also get a free Odin’s Resplendent Reliquary box daily for a week.

While the top 4 teams will also receive a Huawei P50 and the remaining top 8 will get a Matepad Pro.

Watch Parties

To commemorate WOC, ROX and Huawei AppGallery came together to organize a Watch parties in 5 countries: Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. It allows the players to experience the competition firsthand while also paying homage to the game.

The event drew a wide crowd of ROX players and gave them an opportunity to enjoy the venue’s activities, such as games, music performances, food and welcome gifts. The live streaming of the final match was also available.

New 2nd Class

An exciting news for everyone, there will an exciting update for the month of August, the introduction of the new second class for Archer and Mage. Archer will able to switch to Dancer and Bard class while the Mage will able to switch to Sage.

The new map, Comodo Island will also be released in the upcoming patch.

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