One Month Anniversary Event in Ragnarok X Next Generation

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Ragnarok X Next Generation finally revealed their One month milestone event, this is the One Month Anniversay Event. It contains a promo gift packs called “One Monthsary Special Package” where it has three types of backpack that the adventurer can get when purchasing the highest tier. To give you a peak on what inside of this package, in this article, we will cover each item that you’ll receive for reach tiers.


  1. Growth Pack
  2. Life Pack
  3. Essential Pack
    1. SEA Batik Selection Pack
    2. Premium Headgear

The duration of the event is 9 days, it starts on July 17 and will end on July 25, 2021.

Growth Pack

Priced at $1.99, these pack contains Gacha coins that you can use to roll for Equipment, Headgear and Cards. However, the amount of coin you’ll receive is not enough to roll a single gacha. You might need to purchase more to roll one, here are the items that you’ll receive for this pack.

  • 10 x Cat Hand Corp Coin
  • 10 x Cool Event Corp Coin
  • 10 x Kafra Cor Coin

Life Pack

Priced at $4.99, as the name says, it is a Life Pack items that are needed for Mining, Fishing and Odin Blessing’s experience booster. For Mining, you can use the Alloy Pickaxe on the concentrated ore. The Odin’s pack contains a total of 200 Odin Blessing.

  • 2 x Automatic Fishing Rod
  • 2 x Alloy Pickaxe
  • 2 x Odin’s Resplendent Reliquary

Essential Pack

Priced at $19.99, the most expensive but the most worth it pack for this event. You will get a random “White” quality card, a backpack and a random “Premium” headgear. The backpack is just a costume with no additional stats but you can pick any of the backpack that you want to receive. Here are all the items for this pack.

  • 1 x Old Card Album
  • 1 x SEA Batik Backpack Selection Pack
  • 1 x Premium Headgear Blueprint

SEA Batik Backpack Selection Pack

In the Essential Pack, there are three types of backpack that you can select. However, these bagpack are just for costume with no additional stats. Below are the items that you can get.

Batik Backpack
Lanna Backpack
Tropical Backpack

Premium Headgear

The possible headgear you will receive when opening this gift pack are one the following:

  • Kitsune Mask
  • Whisper Head
  • Big Ribbon
  • Circlet
  • Mini Propeller
  • Diadem
  • Sinulog Hat
  • Feelers
  • Shot Apple
  • Starry Headband
  • Flower Hairpin
  • Heart Hairpin
  • Cat Paw Hairpin
  • Crescent Hairpin
  • Criatura Academy HAt
  • Sakkat
  • Fisherman’s Hat
  • Feather Bonnet
  • Beret
  • Scholar Hat
  • Onigiri Hat
  • Pirate Bandana
  • Honeybee Hat
  • Smokie Hat
  • Teddybear Hat
  • Munak Turban
  • Bongun Hat
  • Sea-Otter Hat
  • Sheep Hat
  • Poo Poo Hat
  • Gemmed Sallet
  • Helm
  • Close Helmet
  • Bao Bao
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