Kafra VIP Plus in Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX Guide)

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Ragnarok X Next Generation has recently released a new update that includes the addition of the Kafra VIP plus. This new feature offers a range of benefits and rewards for adventurers, allowing them to enhance their gameplay experience.

In this article guide, we will provide an overview of the Kafra VIP plus, its features, and how it can benefit adventurers in Ragnarok X Next Generation.

Kafra Plus new Privileges

Here are the added new privileges for each tier of Kafra, as you know, the original Kafra VIP has the same benefit before, and the new ones only exist on the VIP+ and VIP++.

Kafra VIP (Sweet Encouragement)
PHP 749

Select up to 7 Privileges
Kafra VIP+ (Heartfelt Wish)
PHP 1,250

Select up to 10 Privileges
Kafra VIP++ (Special Connection)
PHP 1,990

Select up to 12 Privileges
Obtain “Kafra’s Best Friend” TitleObtain “Kafra’s Ambassador TitleObtain “Kafra’s Representative” Title
No extraResurrect 10 times when die in the wildAll new privileges from Kafra VIP+.
Know the correct answer in OX Quiz.Blessing Mark will add additional +25% success rate when upgrading Shadow Equipment
Unlock 2 x Maid Ring: Taylin available in Crystal ShopUnlock 2 x Bell: Clarice available in Crystal Shop
3000 Weight limit increasedOffset defeat points in KVM
30+ Daily Pet PattingFirst 3 runs in Ultimate Hunter will give you additional 5 points.
Unlocks extra 1 slot for Combo Skills

What is Maid Ring Taylin and Clarice’s Bell

It is a new item on the Crystal shop in Alberta where you can purchase these summon item for 200 crystals each. Each day, you can buy up to 2 pieces of it, it will reset during server time.

Using the Maid Ring: Taylin will summon a Kafra Maid Taylin NPC in any maps except for major cities, where it will stay in the area for 15 minutes. You can use her like Kafra where you can access the Sundries Store, Warehouse and even Sell Items.

For the Clarice’s Bell, you will summon the Kafra Maid Clarise. It does the same as Taylin and benefits, but with the added of World Teleport option.

I am not sure if other adventure can use this, but upon testing, the NPC’s is visible to our fellow guildmates can use it as well.

Blessing Mark Buff Chances

When purchasing the Kafra VIP++ (PHP 1,990), you stumble to “Consume Blessing Mark to receive probablity bonuses when upgrading a Shadow Equipment. (Required)”. Well, the translation is quite confusing, but this one will allow you to increase the chances of upgrading your Shadow Equipment on the top of the Blessing Mark by an additional of 25%.

Kafra VIP Title Buffs

You will also get additional buff when purchasing any of the Kafra VIP with the expensive one has the higher buff

Title Buff
Kafra VIP
PHP 749 (Kafra VIP++)
Bonus DMG to Demi-Human +1%
Bonus DMG to Plant +1%
Bonus DMG to Brute +1%
Kafra VIP+
PHP 1,250 (Kafra VIP+)
Bonus DMG to Demi-Human +2%
Bonus DMG to Plant +2%
Bonus DMG to Brute +2%
Kafra’s Representative
PHP 1,990 (Kafra VIP++)
Bonus DMG to Demi-Human +3%
Bonus DMG to Plant +3%
Bonus DMG to Brute +3%

4th Skill Combo Skill Slot

At the VIP++, you’ll also be able to unlock the 4th skill combo slot where for those classes that does not have enough space for skill slot can get this one.

KVM Defeat Score Offset

Kafra VIP++ also has offset score when you and your team defeated in an KVM match. The offset only applies who enables the privileges.

Is it Worth it?

Nah, I’d rather stick with the original Kafra VIP worth PHP 749. The new ones are too expensive and don’t have any significant benefits except for one. If you’re planning to upgrade your shadow equipment and have enough resources, especially the Blessing Mark, it’s recommended that you purchase a Kafra VIP++ worth PHP 1,990 to significantly increase your success rate.

What’s the Best Kafra VIP?

The best Kafra VIP is the original Kafra VIP that cost around PHP 749, it has everything to give you some advantages in the game, especially for Reward Retrieval and Odin boxes per week. Here are the privileges that you must enable when using Kafra VIP.

For renewing VIP, always renew on Monday – no worries you will still receive the 7 x Odin box at any day during Monday.

Must have Privileges
Make-up sign-ins +7
Monthly Diamond purchase limit increased by 30,000
Daily MVP and Mini participation bonus chances +1
Daily Pet’s free patting +20 times
(Pick one depending on your daily grind)
Exchange Center low tax quota
Gain 1 Stamina Points from daily log-ins
Every Monday, received Resplendent Reliquary x7 with 100 Odin’s Blessing each.
Get double the sign-in rewards every Saturday and Sunday.
Reward Retrieval can be used to reclaim 90% of the rewards
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