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Black Desert Mobile has finally arrived globally, available to Android and iOS last December 11, 2019. The game just got over 4 million pre-registration which makes this game popular on social media and gaming group page. If you’re new to the Black Desert Mobile universe, or it’s been a long time since you’ve played this type of MMORPG game, we are here to help you recap and understand the basic course of this game.

So, what is Black Desert Mobile? It is a ported mobile version of their already successful PC version of the game. The highly graphic 3D models are in-tack in the mobile version, the fancy and fluid action animation are the number one selling point of this mobile game.

The game has lots of automatic systems in places like quest pathfinding, auto-kill, auto-farm, and instant completion. This means, completing a quest is a lot easier, and you can leave your character play alone with its smart auto-kill which always goes back to his original destination for farming experience and loots.

In this guide, we will tackle each basic needs to start in the game. Including what character you want to choose from its five classes and other important details to gain more levels and gears. You’ll find all links of all of our guides for the game on this post.


Currently, Black Desert Mobile has five different classes.

Black Desert Mobile Warrior Class

Warrior – This swordsman is a melee type warrior where it slashes every enemy and immobilizes rivals with its longsword, and has a shield to protect himself and his allies from attacks. Pick this class if you want to play as tanker of the party, you can also play solo with these classes without worrying about being killed in action.

Black Desert Mobile Ranger Class

Ranger – Good at marksmanship, her bow and arrow will hit the enemies at any distance. Pick this class if you want to be the support attack of the party, good for killing bosses and enemies in non-crowded areas.

Black Desert Mobile Witch Class

Witch – The elemental warrior who uses her magic to eliminate every enemy in her path. Just like Ranger, pick this if you want to play as support. Good for grinding experience, looting and leveling.

Black Desert Mobile Giant Class

Giant – A giant warrior with a powerful strength that smashes his enemies with its giant dual axes. Same as the Warrior, Giant is the most effective tanker. Good for eliminating crowded enemies.

Black Desert Mobile Valkyrie Class

Valkyrie – A balance version of a swordsman, with its offensive and defensive skills. She can deal damage on close combat while supporting her allies. Pick this if you’d like to play as an attack and support of the party.

For Starter

As a basic start, what you need to do when you’re inside the game is you just need to follow each of the quest provided until you’ll reach level 20. The game provides lots of tutorials for every mechanics. Just do what the game is asking, and you’re good for a start.

If you missed some of these tutorials, you can check this guide for it and we also added additional details which help you understand more about those parts.


You can also find here the event tips.


Here a list of all helpful locations for certain tasks.

Basic Guides

Here you’ll find the basic guides we’ve covered in Black Desert Mobile.

Helpful Tips

Here, are some important guides that give you free stuff or events.

Previous Events

For previous event, you can find them all here:

Other parts of the game are still in progress, keep checking back this page for more updates or guides.

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