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Good news BDM players! The GM event has finally started the GM Quiz event which allows players to answer questions and get rewards from answering it correctly. It is not just a reward, but a big reward like a 100 x Black Pearl.

Table of Contents

  1. List of All Questions and Answers
  2. How to Participate in GM Quiz

Each day, players will have a chance to answer one question. It is a multiple choice type of questions where you can pick from 5 choices.

List of All Questions and Answers

For the answers, you can check all of the answers to the quiz below.

What type of magic does the new class Sorceress use?Dark Magic100 Black Pearl
Which Ascended class wields axes to pulverize their enemies?Titan500 Relic Fragment

Warning: Be careful about answering the question, make sure you pick the corresponding number for the answer. There is no try again for incorrect answers.

How to Participate in GM Quiz

For those who haven’t seen this event, to enable this one. Just visit your camp and there should be an icon on the upper left corner of your screen.

Once you’ve selected corresponding number, you’ll be asked to confirm your answer.

After that, you’ll get the rewards for answering the questions.

That’s it! For more tips like this, check our updated Ultimate Guide for Black Desert Mobile.

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