How to Solve the 3×3 Art Puzzle in Black Desert Mobile

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A new puzzle game event is finally available today, this is after the scheduled maintenance they have for the month of February. The new event is called 3×3 Art Puzzle Event, it is basically a swipe puzzle game which is a very common puzzle toy way back 90’s. You need to solve the scrambled art puzzle to its correct form, after you completed it you’ll get rewards.

The event will end on February 25, 2020 and only run for 20 days starting today.

How to Participate

Simply go to the Event & Reward Info, go to 3×3 Art Puzzle Event.

Collect the daily free Art Puzzle Key, then click the Start.

Now, you need to solve the puzzle by moving the pieces to the blank area until you completed the picture.

If you have a hard time answering the puzzle, we also created a dedicated 3×3 Art Puzzle Solver for it. This is good for players who have lesser time collecting events for the succeeding days or has multiple account.

How to Solve 3×3 Art Puzzle

Check our 3×3 Art Puzzle Solver at

At the puzzle solver, initially, there are two box container. The box container on the bottom are the puzzle pieces that you need to move to t he upper box. You need to compare the picture sequence as what you seen in the Black Desert Mobile Puzzle.

For an example, these scramble puzzle.

Can be translated to the one below.

Then click the Solve button to start solving the puzzle.

There are some puzzle pattern that the search algorithm we’re using couldn’t answer, if this happen, you may try rambling the puzzle in Black Desert Mobile and try again.

We are adding more search algorithm to solve every pattern.

For more tips and guides like this, check our ultimate guide for Black Desert Mobile.

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