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A new limited-time game mode is now available in Black Desert Mobile (BDM), the Asula’s Den. It is a side-scrolling platform style similar to Mario, Metal Slug and more, here you’ll be using your character to battle against the enemy in a side-scrolling format where you’ll be battling against 30 normal monsters and some obstacles on the way to get to the final stage.

At the end of the stage, you’ll also be battling against Morgan “the First Offspring of Asula“. Finishing the Asula’s den dungeon will reward you with some precious gold items.

How to Enter Asula’s Den

To enter the Asula’s Den, it is open from 12:00 NN to 10:00 PM every day until the event is ended.

You can access it at the upper left menu near the map. Click the new icon then you can start the Battle.

You can only start battle once a day.

How to Play

Simply defeat the 30 monsters in the stage, when you encounter an obstacle, you need to press the Jump button at the bottom right of the screen near the skill navigation buttons.

When you reach the end of the stage, the boss Morgan will appear.

You need to defeat it to complete the mission and get the rewards.


You’ll get the following item once you’ve finished the course.

  • 5 x Golden Loot Chest
  • 2 x Good Black Stone Sack
  • 33,333 Silver
  • 33,333 EXP
  • 50 x Ancient Gold Coin

The Golden Loot Chest contains the following gold item and can be sold at the market for its corresponding price:

  • Golden Sculpture – 200,000 Silver
  • Golden Seal – 100,000 Silver
  • Golden Goblet – 50,000 Silver
  • Golden Ring – 30,000 Silver

Super thanks to Ivan Gonzales for providing the shop price info of Golden Goblet.

That’s it! For more tips like this, check our Ultimate Guide for Black Desert Mobile.

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  • Ivan Gonzales January 23, 2020 6:08 am

    Golden Goblet is 50,000 silver


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