How to Fix Combat Plus not Working in Black Desert Mobile

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If you ever tried to purchase the Combat Plus (14 Days) in Black Desert Mobile, and upon purchase, you’ve been asked “You’ll obtain Combat Plus (14 Days) upon use. Continue”. After confirming, the effect didn’t applied to your account and some of the features like the +5 multiplier limit on Rush Board are not available.

Same as you, we also stuck on this and nearly tried to refund the purchase because we didn’t get the item. But the thing is, the item are still in your inventory and you need to use it to work.

To fix the Combat Plus, you need to go to Inventory, go to the Pearl Inventory tab, and find the item Combat Plus (14 Days).

Use it to apply the effect.

When used, the following effects will be applied for 14 days:

  • Inventory +800 LT
  • Dark Energy EXP +10%
  • Immediately fight the boss when playing on completed Boss Rush stages
  • Boss Rush Multiplier +5
  • Accept party invites from a friend/guild to an Ancient Ruins Stage that is higher than your CP

You can now go to the Rush Board and you can now able to get a +5 multiplier on rewards. That’s it!

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