What is Hit or Miss! Hammer of Fortune in Black Desert Mobile

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After the maintenance update, there is a new mini-game called Hit or Miss! Hammer of Fortune that allows you to receive items from the game including an Orange Refined Black Crystal, Potion and Blackstone in exchange for a Black Pearl or a Hammer of Fortune. The event will only run for this year, for 6-day, it will end on December 31, 2019, at 11:59 PM.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Hammer of Fortune
  2. Free Hammer of Fortune
  3. How to Play Hammer of Fortune
  4. Refresh Blocks
  5. Extending Game
  6. Best Rewards

In this guide, you’ll learn what is the Hammer of Fortune, how to play and the rewards you’ll be getting.

What is Hammer of Fortune

The mini-game is still RNG and doesn’t affect any timing of which the Black spirit possibly appears. The cost of each hit is around 30 Black Pearls. However, you’ll also get a free 3 x Hammer of Fortune every day that you can use for the game.

The item you’ll get is the last item in the row where the Black Spirit will appear.

When you bid for a Hit Block, the Black Spirit will randomly appear in the hole. In our case, it appears in the fourth row which the item is the Black Crystal: Armor.

Here are the sample reward:

Playing the game all over again will allow you to dig more the row and get the lucky best reward, which is the first item on every row.

Free Hammer of Fortune

Every day, you’ll get a free 3 x Hammer of Fortune, you can use it to participate in the mini-game while not using a Black Pearl.

Also, check your in-game mail, there is also free 3 x Hammer of Fortune in there.

How to Play Hammer of Fortune

To play the game, you just need to click the Gift icon on the upper left corner of the screen.

Then go to Hit or Miss! Hammer of Fortune.

Press the Enter the Game to proceed.

Press the Hit Block button, it will first consume the free Fortune of Hammer you’ll get, and when you run out, you can purchase again by paying 30pcs of Black Pearl.

The Black Spirit will randomly appear on the rows, the last item in the row is your reward.

Refresh Blocks

If you don’t like the item, you can press the Refresh Blocks. It will refresh the items in the blocks giving you new opportunities for rewards when using the hammer.

However, You can only use it 3 times a day.

Extending the Game

Aside from the Refresh Blocks, after wiping out any of the row’s blocks, the game will asked you to pay 400 Black Pearl to continue playing the board. If you don’t, you’re forced to Refresh the Blocks, it means all previous hit will be gone and the chances of Best Rewards will be reset again.

Best Rewards

The best reward you’ll get from playing the Hammer of Fortune is the first item in every row. However, getting the item in the first item is hard as you need to dig that the same row for at least 7 times to get it.

In this example, the ultimate reward is the 400 x Ancient Tablet.

You can also use the Refresh Block if there is no luck reward in the blocks.

The maximum possibility to get the Best rewards is 28 Hit Block or around 840 Black Pearls.

Below are some of the possible Best Reward that will be listed:

  • 1000 Ancient Gold Coins
  • 400 Ancient Tablet
  • 1500 Lightstone Fragment
  • 20 Rare Condensed Dark Energy Chest
  • Grand Black Stone Fortune Sack
  • Snowkid Pet
  • Tier 1 Pet Chest
  • and many more…

So far, the best reward on the list is the Grand Black Stone Fortune Sack. If sold in the market it will earn you a total of 23 million silver by selling the 15pcs Grand black stone.

That’s it! I hope this mini-guide helps you with the new mini-game. To know more tips like this, check our ultimate guide for Black Desert Mobile.

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