Crystals Guide in Black Desert Mobile (Equipping a Crystal)

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If you happen to skip the Tutorial phase when you’re being asked to Equip a Crystal after the NPC Miella gave you a Crystal. You’re probably clueless on how to complete the quest, and being stuck that has no way to reinitiate the tutorial phase again.

Miella Black Desert Mobile Crystal

Table of Contents

  1. How to Equip Crystals
  2. How to Extract Crystals
  3. How to Fuse or Upgrade Crystals
  4. Where to Get more Crystals

In this guide, we will discuss everything about Crystal in Black Desert Mobile.

How to Equip Crystals

If you’re stuck in the Equipping a Crystal quest, what you need to do is to equip the crystal with your Gear.

To do that, you need to go to the Black Spirit’s Influence Menu. Then on the lower right corner of the screen, go to the Equip Crystals.

Black Desert Mobile Spirit Menu

From here, equip the crystal you just get from Miella. Then add it to your equipment or armor.

Black Desert Mobile Equip Magic Crystal

The crystal will then now equip to the weapon, with the additional stat to your character.

Crystal equip in Black Desert Mobile

Once done, the quest will now mark as done.

Equipping a Crystal quest in Black Desert Mobile

How to Extract Crystals

If you transfer the enhancement level of the gear, the crystal equips in the gear will be deleted. In order for you not to delete the crystal, you need to extract the crystal first.

Black Desert Mobile extracting a Crystal fee

However, removing the crystal from the previous gear will cost a number of Black Pearls. Like for example, extracting a crystal from our Reblath Helmet with Magic Crystal: Strength that has the stat of Attack +2, cost around 3 Black Pearls.

Deleting a crystal from the gear is also free of charge.

How to Fuse or Upgrade Crystals

You can also fuse crystal to get random stat or next tier of crystal.

To Fuse Crystal, go to Black Spirit’s Menu, then click the Fuse Crystals on the bottom right corner.

From here, you need to select 3 crystals on the same tier, for example, 3 pieces of green tier crystal.

It is not guaranteed that you’ll get the next tier crystal when you fuse it. In our experience, it usually has a 10% to 40% chance of getting the next tier. Also, the higher the tier the lower the chance of getting a crystal of the next tier. In our example, after fusing 3 green crystal, we get a Blue crystal, Magic Crystal: Godspeed.

Where to Get More Crystals

Basically, you can get more Crystal from completing the available quest in the game. You may also get more crystal from the following:

  • Ancient Ruins – By defeating an Ancient Warrior you’ll get random rewards like the Magic Crystal Vitality.
  • Arena – By defeating players in the arena, you’ll get a chance to get a Magic Crystal Vitality.
  • Shops – This is a P2W game, you can go to shops and spends real money to get instant Crystals.

For more tips and tricks, check our ultimate guide for Black Desert Mobile.

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