Black Desert Mobile Pets Guide (How to Obtain, Train Skill and Feed Pets)

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Having a pet in the Black Desert Mobile is very useful. When you defeated an enemy, they usually drop loot and your character will manually get those items to obtain it. When you have a pet, your pet will automatically pick it up for you, saving you time for getting experience. Pet also has an additional skill bonus where your character will get additional stats.

Black Desert Mobile Pet System

Table of Contents

  1. How to Obtain new Pet
  2. List of All Pets
  3. How to Train Skill for Pet
  4. How to Unlock Tier
  5. How to Feed Pet
  6. How to Get Food for Pet
  7. How to Exchange Pet Skills

In this guide, it will focus on ways how to use pets in Black Desert Mobile.

How to Obtain new Pet

You can get pets by certain points of mission in Black Desert Mobile. Like at the beginning of the game, you’ll get a free pet token from a certain NPC Mariana.

But players can also buy pets through the market. However, it’s rarely available and many other players are snapping the item when it’s available, it cost around 2,000,000 Silver.

To buy a pet, just go to the Pet menu and click the Get Pet button. You can also buy it through real-money at 2,000 White Pearl.

Below, you’ll find the list of all pets.

List of All Pets

Here are the current list of all Pets in the Black Desert Mobile. Pets may now show in certain areas while doing adventure, but their additional skills will still be active.

Mischievous DogA dog pet acquired in the early game.2,000,000 Silver
Brown CatA brown cat pet that can be purchased in the market.2,000,000 Silver
ShepherdA shepherd dog that can be acquired in the market.2,000,000 Silver
Skinny Black CatA black cat pet that can be purchased in the market. 2,000,000 Silver
Brown Guide HawkA Brown hawk bird that will fly along your adventure. It can be purchased through the market.2,000,000 Silver
Sky HawkA white hawk bird that can be purchased in the market.2,000,000 Silver

Each of these pets, when acquired, will get 1 random skills below.

Dark Energy EXP+2% to +5.66%
Knowledge Gain Rate+2% to +5%
Inventory+50 LT to +200 LT
Fishing EXP+2% to +5%
Mining EXP+2% to +5%
Foraging EXP+2% to +5%
Logging EXP+2% to +5%
Combat EXP+2% to +5%

How to Train Skill for Pet

After acquiring the pet, you’ll get one basic skill that your character will get an additional stat bonus depending on the skill acquired. You only need a Silver coin and a time required to complete to level up its skill.

To train your pet, you just have to go to the Pets menu. This is by clicking the Hamburger icon on the upper right corner of the screen, then select Pets.

Click Train Skill.

Here, the time and silver required will be listed. Click Train Skill to level up the skill.

If you’d like to finish the train instantly, you can spend Stamina to do it.

How to Unlock Tier

As of the moment, we don’t have yet information on how to expand or unlock the tier of the pet. Keep coming back on this post for more info.

How to Feed Pet

You can feed the pet when its gauge level is depleted. It is important to feed the pet in order for the additional stat to be effective.

Simple go to the Pets Menu, and press the food Icon.

How to Get Food for Pet

You can purchase a food pet from the Ranch at your camp. If you are still early in the game, you need to reach the quest where you’ll get a camp and beat the Orgoh boss.

In the main town, you can also get a Poor Feed from the Livestock Shop. You can check their location by going to the List in the upper left corner of the screen, right bottom corner of the map. Then, look for the cow icon.

Livestock merchant at the town

Here are the list of town that has Livestock Merchant:

  • Balenos, Western Guard Camp – Samuel
  • Balenos, Velia – Wale
  • Serendia, Heidel – Melissa Brady
  • Serendia, Glish
  • Neutral Border Zone, Delphe Outpost
  • North Calpheon, Florin
  • North Calpheon, Epheria
  • North Calpheon, Calpheon
  • Southeast Calpheon, Keplan
  • Southwest Calpheon, Trent
  • Southwest Calpheon, Longleaft Tree Sentry Post
  • Southwest Calpheon, Behr

From here, you can purchase food for your pet. Poor Feed is sold for 83 silver.

Black Desert Mobile Food Pet

How to Exchange Pet Skills

If you have more than 2 pets and wants to transfer the skill to your desired pets, you can do it by exchanging the pet skill. This is by going to the Exchange Tab on the right corner of the Pets Menu.

You don’t need a higher level to transfer pet skills. You can exchange its skills regardless of its level.

When you exchange two pets of the same tier, the tier of the new pet might increase.

The pet’s level you get after failed for trying higher-level exchange will follow the highest level among two pets.

Check other tips and tricks, on our ultimate guide for Black Desert Mobile.

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  • Fey Nek February 6, 2020 2:30 pm

    The max of the skills is not 5% because i’ve :
    Dark Energy EXP lvl 3 = +5.66 %
    Logging EXP in up
    Combat EXP in up
    Fishing EXP in up

    I’ll do an update of this post when they’ll max lvl.
    In waiting, do an update if you can.

  • Kent Lo March 19, 2020 5:04 am

    To unlock the new tier, need to “exchange” existing lvl 10 same tier pet.


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