How to Collect Wish Marbles for 2020 in Black Desert Mobile

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Together with the New Year event in Black Desert Mobile, they also launched a mini-event called Wish Marble Event. The event will allow you to obtain an event item called Wish Marble, which you can exchange for items like Ancient Tablet, Boss Stamp, a firecracker and more.

The event is a 21-day event and will end exactly on January 14, 2020.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Participate in the Event
  2. List of Wish Marble Exchange Items

In this guide, we discuss the basics of the Wish Marble Event and what items you’ll get from exchanging the event items.

How to Participate in the Event

To participate in the event, you only need to do a Hunting or Gathering.

This means, In Hunting, you just need to eliminate any monsters and you’ll randomly receive a Wish Marble.

In Gathering, when you mine, logs or forage, you’ll also randomly get the Wish Marble.

The event will also work in the Black Spirit Mode Hunting and Gathering.

List of Wish Marble Exchange Items

The following are the items you can exchange for the Wish Marbles (WM).


2020 Wishing Firecracker
5 WMUnlimited

Fair Feed
10 WM20 pcs

Small Stamina Potion
21 WM5 pcs

20 x Ancient Tablet
25 WM1 pc

12 x Boss Stamp
25 WM1 pc

Mid-Grade Resource Chest
56 WM3 pcs

Low-Grade Resource Chest
56 WM2 pcs

50 x Fair Armor Black Stone
75 WM1 pc

50 x Fair Weapon Black Stone
75 WM1 pc

You need at least 785 Wish Marbles to get all of the available items in the exchange.

That’s it! Hope this information helps you with the event. To see more of this, check our ultimate guide for Black Spirit Mobile.

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