Black Spirit's Puzzle Event in Black Desert Mobile

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After the sorceress update, a new reward event has been added to the game, the Puzzle Event. This new event will let the players reveal the hidden rewards in the puzzle board, a board with 5 x 5 tiles and has a possibility of 25 different hidden rewards in it. With those 25 tiles, there is also the best reward where players can get a free Crow pet.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Puzzle Event
  2. List of Puzzle Best Rewards

Every day, players will able to claim 3 puzzle pieces where they can use it to reveal the tiles. If the player doesn’t like the best rewards in the current board, the player may also reset it up to 3 times per day.

How to Puzzle Event

As always, it is available in the Event menu under the Puzzle Event.

First, you need to claim the 3 puzzle pieces by clicking the Collect Puzzle Pieces.

Then you can use it to reveal the puzzle on the board. If you run out of puzzle pieces you can also use 100 Black Stones to reveal furthermore tiles.

We do not recommend the accumulating technique of the daily puzzle pieces and using it once you have 25 pieces of it. This kind of event has a holdup feature that will require you to pay a certain amount of Black Stone in order to continue revealing the remaining hidden rewards in the puzzle board.

List of Puzzle Best Rewards

For players looking for the best rewards in the Puzzle Event, here are the list.

  • 1 x Crow (Tier 4)
  • 30 x Grand Armor Black Stone
  • 30 x Grand Weapon Black Stone
  • 5 x [Epic/Mystical] Crystal Chest
  • 1 x Epic Relic Chest
  • 5 x Epic Crystal Chest
  • 5 x [Epic] Lightstone Chest

Note: Once you’ve already get the best reward, the icon on the bottom portion will turn into question mark (?).

That’s it! For more tips like this, check our updated ultimate guide for Black Desert Mobile.

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