How to Black Spirit Mode in Black Desert Mobile

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Leaving your mobile turn on just to loot in a game is an old good fashion in Black Desert Mobile as it has a feature called Black Spirit Mode. This feature will let you loot up to 6-hours without playing the game, it also turns off the app to save more battery. The next time you login back in the game, you’ll receive the loots directly to your inventory.

Table of Contents

  1. Types of Black Spirit Mode
  2. Preparations
  3. Declutter Inventory Space
  4. Black Spirit Plus
  5. How to Black Spirit Mode

In this guide, we’ll discuss the basics of black spirit mode and how to save more space to get more loots.

Types of Black Spirit Mode

There are three ways to use the Black Spirit Mode.

  • Auto Hunt – Just like the Auto-attack features, it will allow your character to loot from its suggested map. You’ll also receive rewards from your Pets loot.
  • Auto Gathering – This mode will allow you to loot logs, stones, and foliage.
  • Auto Fishing – Get fish from the suggested map.


Before anything else, make sure you have the following conditions to enable using Black Spirit Mode.

  • Enough inventory space for loots
  • Potions to survive your character while looting, only for Auto Hunt. You can buy potions from a nearby town or by crafting from your camp.

Declutter Inventory Space

For newbie players, it is hard to decide which items are not needed and which items are worth keeping. In Black Desert Mobile, there are items that are not stackable and these items will eat most of your inventory space. The good news is, these items can declutter to save you more space.

If you have not enough inventory, you cannot use the Black Spirit Mode and the game will keep saying “Please clean out unnecessary items from your inventory before proceeding.”.

Items that you can declutter are the following:

  • Crystals – Crystals are one of the items that are not stackable, and once you already have enough Crystals for your weapon and armors. The excess can be decluttered by fusing it to make a new Tier of Crystals. You only need 3 crystal of the same tier to fuse it. Check our separate post on how to Fuse Crystal in Black Desert Mobile.
  • Lightstone – Same as Lightstone, these are unsackable and can be fused to make a new tier or new Lightstone. You need 3 Lightstone to fuse. Check our other post on how to Fuse Lightstone in Black Desert Mobile.
  • Duplicate Accessories – If you have many accessories but you want to keep them. You can enhance these duplicate accessories to save you more space. Having more duplicate accessories allows you to level up its enhancement level, saving more space and can be kept to your camp’s storage box. Check our other post on how to enhance accessories in the black desert Mobile.
  • White, Green Armor or Weapons – The white, and green tier armor and weapons are somehow useless when you reach level 30 and up. You can use these gears to feed to the black spirit as an experience, allowing the black spirit to earn levels.
  • Camp’s Inventory (Storage Box) – Stackable items can be kept in your camp’s inventory and other items that are needed in your adventure can be kept here.
  • Skill Book – Always consume the skill book you’ve looted from the wild. This will save you space from your inventory.
  • Sell Looted Items – Most importantly, sell the item drops from the monsters. So far there are no weapon craft or something in Black Desert Mobile, so you really don’t need those drop items from your inventory, sell them to earn Silvers. You’ll know its drop items from a monster when it’s stackable. Do this every time after you use Black Spirit Mode.

Black Spirit Plus

If you want to do more in Black Spirit Mode, you can purchase the Black Spirit Plus in the market or from the Pearl Shop. This will increase the duration of the Black Spirit mode by 6 hours and increases the inventory capacity by 800 LT.

How to Black Spirit Mode

Once you have enough space in your inventory space or enough potions. You can now use the Black Spirit Mode.

To do Black Spirit Mode, go to the menu, then click the Black Spirit Mode below the menu.

You can choose Auto Hunt, Auto Gathering or Auto Fishing.

After you selected the mode, the app will automatically close in 5 seconds.

The next time you’ll back in the game, you’ll receive the rewards from the auto-loot. The longer the merrier!

That’s it Pancit! Merry Christmas mga koys!

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