Lightstone Guide in Black Desert Mobile (How to Fuse, Get a Lightstone)

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In Black Desert Mobile, there are lots of ways to equip your character with different stat booster, like for example, the Lightstone. It is a four-pieces stone compose of Aan, Ti, Tae, and Ki where you can use it to complete the stone to get additional equip effect stat to your character. As usual, these Lightstone has a tier level, white, green, blue, gold, orange, and red.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Equip Lightstone
  2. How to Get Lightstone
  3. How to Create Lightstone from Fragment
  4. How to Fuse a Lightstone

For this guide, we will teach you the basics of Lightstone in Black Desert Mobile.

How to Equip Lightstone

When you reach a certain quest in the game you’ll unlock the Lightstone through the Black Spirit.

To equip, you can access it at the Black Spirt Menu, then go to Equip Lightstone.

You can only put up to four black stone, the Aan, Ti, Tae, and Ki.

How to Get Lightstone

You can get these Lightstone from doing the Ancient Ruins, and some rewards from the quest.

You can also get it from the shop using real money or white pearl.

A fragment can also be collected to create a new one.

How to Create Lightstone from Fragment

If you receive a Lightstone Fragment, you can use it to create a new one.

This is by filling up the Lightstone gauge to 100% at the Pearl Shop.

You can access it by opening the Pearl Shop, go to Misc, then Lightstones.

From here, you can add 10 Lightstone to the gauge until you’ll get 100%. When it does, you’ll get a new one that matches your current Lightstone tier.

How to Fuse a Lightstone

You can also get a new combination of Lightstone or the next tier of it by fusing it.

To fuse the Lightstone, you just need to go to Black Spirit menu, then go to Fuse Lightstone.

You need at least 3 Lightstone to fuse, the result is random; you may get a black stone with the same tier, or the next level tier.

black spirit mobile fusing lightstone

In our example, we get a Blue Lightstone Tae after fusing 3 blue Lightstones.

black spirit mobile lightstone

That’s it! For more like this, you can check our Ultimate Guide for Black Spirit Mobile.

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