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Owning a Camp in Black Desert Mobile is like a one-stop-shop for everything. If you need to do boss rush, ancient ruins, storing items, farming resources, and stables, this is the place you need to go. In this guide, we will help you figure out what’s inside the structures on the camp and how you can use them.

In camp, there are 12 different structures that you can build and has a maximum of 125 structures for building a big empire.

Table of Contents

  1. Town Hall
  2. Expedition Gateway
  3. Rush Board
  4. Pub
  5. Lodging
  6. Storage
  7. Food Storage
  8. Stable
  9. Refinery
  10. Garden
  11. Deco Workshop
  12. Alchemy Lab
  13. Trading Post
  14. Blacksmith
  15. Ranch
  16. Trade Workshop
  17. Extractor
  18. Dye Workshop

Town Hall

The main building is the Town Hall, think of it as the construction yard in Red Alert 2 game. Upgrading your town hall basically unlock more features in the camps.

LevelUnlocksUpgrade Requirements
2Number of Workers +1
Lodging +1
Character Lv. 20
Food Storage Lv. 2
Refinery Lv. 2
Stable Lv. 1

32 x Logs
32 x Rugged Boulder
3Lodging +1
Garden +1
Character Lv. 30
Food Storage Lv. 4
Refinery Lv. 4
Stable Lv. 2
Lodging Lv. 1
Alchemy Lab Lv. 2

126 x Logs
126 x Pale Softwood
126 x Light Timber

Expedition Gateway

This building will allow you to enter into a dungeon called Ancient Ruins, where you’ll be defeating a single boss enemy named Ancient Warrior Kabuamilles. It is ideal to find a party before entering this dungeon as doing solo will easily get you killed.

Expedition Gateway Black Desert Mobile

To enter this dungeon, you need an Ancient Tablet. You can get one of these for free on the daily task and achievements. Or from the store using real money (Pearl).

Ancient Ruins in Black Desert Mobile

The rewards you’ll get in these Ruins are the following:

  • Lightstone
  • Weapons
  • Crystal
  • Black Stones

The more Ancient Tablet you add, the more difficult and rewards you’ll be getting.

Rush Board

This structure will allow you to instantly go to the Rush Board, it is a dungeon-like mission where you’ll be clearing path with normal enemies and a final boss on the end of the path.

Rush Board in Camp on Black Desert Mobile

One of the bosses on Rush Board is the Boss: Red Nose.

Rush Board, Boss Red Nose in Black Desert Mobile

The rewards you’ll be getting here are the following:

  • Ancient Gold Coin
  • Silver
  • Black Stone

The more difficult you’ll enter the more rewards you’ll get once completed.


In this structure, you’ll be able to recruit some workers for your camp. You need Contribution points in order to recruit them.

pub structure in camp in black desert mobile

To gain Contribution Points, you just need to do various quests in the game.

pub in black desert mobile

The number of workers is limited based on the level of the Lodging structure.

The workers are helpful in building or upgrading the structure, crafting and gathering resources.


This structure will allow you to give more workers at your camp.

Lodging structure in Black Desert Mobile

Here is the list of supported workers and max total workers depending on the level.

LevelWorkersLevel Up Requirements
11 x Supported Workers
7 x Max Total Workers
17 x Logs
17 x Rugged Boulder
114 Silver
22 x Supported Workers
8 x Max Total Workers
60 x Logs
60 x Pale Softwood
60 x Sturdy Timber
2,400 Silver
33 x Supported Workers
9 x Max Total Workers
# # #
44 x Supported Workers
10 x Max Total Workers
# # #


The storage structure basically works as inventory storage, which will save you space from your bags when doing adventure.

storage inventory in black desert mobile

Here, you can also store items that you’d like to share with your family.

LevelWorkersLevel Up Requirements
150 slots17 x Logs
17 x Rugged Boulder
1,800 Silver
255 slots 60 x Logs
60 x Pale Softwood
60 x Sturdy Timber
2,400 Silver
360 slots 102 x Logs
102 x Pale Softwood
102 x Light Timber
102 x Timber
2,800 Silver
465 slots 135 x Log
135 x Pale Softwood
135 x Light Timber
135 x Timber
3,000 Silver
570 slots270 x Log
270 x Pale Softwood
270 x Light Timber
270 x Timber
4,200 Silver

Food Storage

This structure will allow you to store your food. It will also produce food for your camp, useful for making food for your character.

You cannot retrieve the Food when you add it on to the Food Storage, because the primary purpose of it is for everyone consumption for all workers.

food storage in camp in black desert mobile
LevelUnlocksUpgrade Requirements
25,100 x Food Storage Limit
10 every 10 min Food Production
34 x Log
34 x Rugged Boulder
34 x Pale Softwood
2,400 Silver
511,500 x Food Storage Limit
10 every 10 min Food Production
90 x Log
90 x Light Timber
90 x Sturdy Timber
4,200 Silver


Here you can store horses that you capture in the wild.

Stable in camp in Black Desert Mobile
LevelUnlocksUpgrade Requirements
1Store up to 6 horses34 x Log
34 x Rugged Boulder
1,200 Silver


In this structure, you can get free Black Stones from time to time. Upgrading this structure will allow you to get more black stones. What you need to do to get the free Black Stone is to claim it every time it is ready.

refinery black stones in black desert mobile

You can also craft Black Stones in this structure, what you only need are the resources to craft those stones.

black stone crafting in black desert mobile

Below is the list of craftable stones, each will take 7 hours to complete.

Black StonesCost
6 x Fair Weapon Black Stone51 x Rugged Boulder
45 x Iron Ore
2,400 Silver
6 x Fair Armor Black Stone51 x Rugged Boulder
45 x Copper Ore
2,400 Silver
12 x Poor Weapon Black Stone24 x Rugged Boulder
2,000 Silver
12 x Poor Armor Black Stone24 x Rugged Boulder
2,000 Silver

And below are the required resources to upgrade the refinery.

LevelUnlocksUpgrade Requirements
1Unlocks Refinery Structures34 x Log
34 x Rugged Boulder
22 x Production Capacity
1 x Max Crafting Spots
12 x Log
12 x Rugged Boulder
1,800 Silver


The garden will allow you to grow crops in a 3 x 3 size field, which allows you to put up to 9 crops.

Garden in Black Desert Mobile

Food is used for consumption for all workers in the camp.

Deco Workshop

This shop will allow you to create decoration items for your camp.

We don’t have information yet for this part. Keep checking this post for more information.

Alchemy Lab

Here you can get potions for your character to use and you can also use it to craft Crystal chest and Lightstone Fragment.

Craftable ItemsCost
Low-Grade Crystal Chest
(5 mins)
138 x Rugged Boulder
1,000 Silver
Lightstone Fragment
(1 hour)
82 x Copper Ore
82 x Iron Ore
82 x Tin Ore
1,000 Silver

Here are the materials required when upgrading this structure.

LevelUnlocksUpgrade Requirements
1Unlocks Alchemy Lab60 x Log
60 x Rugged Boulder
7,200 Silver
21 x Max Crafting Spots
10 x Repeat Task
135 x Log
135 x Rugged Boulder
1,200 Silver
32 x Max Crafting Spots
10 x Repeat Task
180 x Log
180 x Rugged Boulder
180 x Light Timber
2,700 Silver

Trading Post

Allow you to open trading and join the market. More information to be posted here.


Craft equipment and weapons for your character on this structure. However, we don’t have yet information about this yet.


Just like the Garden, the Ranch will allow you to grow livestock and will automatically produce food for the camps.

Trade Workshop

Craft trade goods so you can sell it to the market.


Retrieve all of the Black Stones you used from the enhance gears.

Dye Workshop

This structure will allow you to customize your outfit with dyes. More information here soon.

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