How to Get Magical Residue for Enchantment in Black Desert Mobile

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After the Sorceress update, there are new ways to boost the ability of the player’s character in Black Desert Mobile (BDM). The Enchant Gear is the new features in the game where players can randomly get additional stats for their equipments, just like equipping Crystal. Players need a material called Magical Residue to be able to enchant.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Enchant Gears
  2. Enchantment Bonus List
  3. How to Get Magical Residue

In this guide, you’ll get to know the basic Gear Enchantment in the game.

How to Enchant Gears

You need to reach the 4th Awakening to unlock the enchantment, if you’re not still in the 4th awakening, complete more main story quest.

To enchant gears, go to Black Spirit and click the new features Enchant Gear.

The cost of Enchantment is 60 Magical Residue and 44,000 Silver.

There is a maximum of 2 slots for enchantment, it also varies on the type of gears that yield the number of slots.

Players can redo enchantment anytime to get better bonus stats.

Enchantment Bonus List

The possible enchantment you can get are the following.

AttackAll Weapon+1 to +7
MPAll Weapon+1 to +7
Critical Hit DamageAll Weapon+1.7% to +3.5%
Max HPAll Armor+20 to +38
Attack SpeedAll Armor+1.5% to +2.4%
Crit ChanceAll Armor+0.4% to +1%
Aal DamageWeapon, Helmet, Gloves+1% to +1.9%
Labreve DamageWeapon, Helmet, Shield, Shoes+1% to +1.9%
Serrett DamageWeapon, Shoes, Armor+1% to +1.9%
Ahib DamageShield, Armor, Gloves+1% to +1.9%

How to Get Magical Residue

So, how do we get Magical Residue? You can basically get it by feeding the Black Spirit Dark Energy with any gears that have at least Unique Grade (Purple), the higher the grade, the bigger it will give you Magical Residue.

For a basic Unique Gear, it will give 1 Magical Residue.

If you want to quickly get Magical Residue, go for the Gold gears. The Grunil Gears will give as much as 220 Magical Residue.

That’s it! For more tips like this, check our Ultimate Guide for Black Desert Mobile.

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