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Harvest Moon or Story of Seasons is a crossover with the Japanese manga TV series Doraemon. Doraemon and his friends Nobita (Noby), Shizuka (Sue), Takeshi (Big G) and Suneo (Sneech) have been carried by storm and traveled to a different time and town. The game was available on October 11, 2019, and available on Steam for PC, PS4, XBOX One and Nintendo Switch.

Nobita and his friends need to find a way to go back to their place, but for now, they have to find work and live in town. Noby’s, on the other hand, got his farm to grow from Harmon. The story comes here as you’ll be helping Nobita with his farm life and his adventure.

Similar to other Harvest Moon games, the main objective is to grow your farm, make a connection with the town folks and win event competitions.

For growing a farm, you need to earn gold. Gold can be obtained from different sources from cropping, mining, livestock, bug hunting, fishing, and rewards.

Below, we will place all links for our guides, walkthroughs and tips to help you navigate our site.


Here are the basic guides for grinding in Doraemon Story of Seasons.

  1. Crops Guide
  2. Gifting Guide
  3. Mining Guide
  4. Cooking Guide (Recipe)
  5. Shops Guide
  6. Horse Guide
  7. Fishing Guide
  8. Trees and Plants Guide
  9. Event Calendar Guide
  10. Junk Shop Guide


For doraemon’s secret gadget, here are some helpful tips.

  1. Invention Inventor (Seed Maker and Mill)
  2. Anywhere Door (Teleport in the map)
  3. Super Gloves (Rescue Dogs)

How to’s

For other and advanced basic guides, that you might have a problem figuring out. You can find it below.

  1. Get Free Special Item
  2. Win Spring Harvest Contest
  3. Restore and Increase Max Stamina
  4. Catching Elusive Bugs on Trees
  5. Making a Cookie for Spring Thanksgiving
  6. Basic for buying Fertilizer
  7. Get Harmon’s Bracelet


Here are some of the helpful tools you can use to play alongside the game.

  1. Save and Load Mining Trick Plotter Tool

Other parts are still in progress. Always check back on this page for more updates.

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