How to Get Anywhere Door Teleport in Doraemon Story of Seasons

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Ever wonder of the pink door from other players while playing Doraemon Story of Seasons? That’s the same door you see in the TV anime series that lets Nobita and friends teleport to anywhere they want, that was also the same door why they are stuck in the small island.

Anywhere Door is one of the gadgets of Doraemon that allows Noby to travel across the map in an instant.

Table of Contents

  1. Heart Relationship Requirements
  2. Give Gold Ore to Pent
  3. How to Use Anywhere Door

To get this gadget, you need to retrieve it from Mayor Ryam where he is the one who found the Anywhere Door in the forest. And in order to return it back, you need to give him another door.

There are some conditions on getting back the door and we will guide on this post.

Heart Relationship Requirements

For the story to be activated, you need to reach the following heart requirement for the following folks.

  • Doraemon – 2 hearts or more
  • Ryam – 2 hearts or more
  • Pent – 2 hearts or more

Once you’ve achieved the following heart requirements, proceed to Mayor Ryam’s Capitol and it will trigger another story asking Ryam to return it back.

Give Gold Ore to Pent

In order to return back the Anywhere Door, you need to ask Pent to make another door for Ryam. In exchange, you need to give pent a Gold Ore.

Find Pent on the map and give him a Gold Ore. This will activate another story that will deliver the new door to Ryam. If you have no idea how to get Gold Ore, you can follow our here -> Mining Guide.

As a reward, Ryam will return back the Anywhere Door.

How to Use Anywhere Door

To use the gadget, just open your Map and browse down the location and teleport to the area. That’s simple!

That’s it!

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