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For you to start mining in Doraemon Story of Seasons, you need to unlock the mining tools by talking to Doraemon, Smitty, and Blake at the Mine area, near Large Fossil in Swoosh Falls. Mining will allow players to mine different types of Ores from Gold Ore, Silver Ore, Iron Ore to Copper Ore. It will also allow you to obtain rare items.

Purchasing Ore in Smitty shop is expensive while mining ore in the mine site is much affordable, it only requires stamina to do it.

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Table of Contents

  1. How to Unlock Mining
  2. Mining Break Through Floor
  3. Pickaxe Upgrades
  4. Mining Profit Chart
  5. How to Mine Gold Ore

Mining can also be helpful during the initial phase of the game, this is one of the best ways of grinding money.

How to Unlock Mining

To unlock, you need to reach the Mine area at the Swoosh’s Falls.

Talk to Doraemon, Smitty, and Blake, they will teach you how to mine and some basic instructions.

To get the pickaxe, you need to find and talk to Blake. You can find Blake by opening your map and look for his icon. In our case, we find him at the Zazan Cape. (Make sure to free up your inventory before talking to Blake)

Once you have the pickaxe, you can go back to the mining site and start.

Mining Break Through Floor

When you break through some spots in the mining area, a rope to the lower floor will pop out. The lower you’ll get the more precious materials you can mine, but it will be more difficult and requires you to upgrade your existing pickaxe.


This technique is common to all offline games, especially games in ’90s where you save and load the progress to get better chances.

To get deeper to the floor from floor 5 to 7 or more. Before start digging on each floor, what you need to do is to Save your progress, your objective is to find the rope for the next floor. Once you’ve found it, remember it and Load the saved progress and re-dig the spot.

This way, you’ll save enough of Stamina where you can go deeper into the Breakthrough mine floor.

You can also use our plotter tool, to plot tiles with the best rare materials and save much more stamina.

Pickaxe Upgrades

For you to mine harder surfaces, you need a better pickaxe to do it. Below is the list of upgrades from the Blacksmith shops.

UpgradesMaterials / FloorCost

Cooper Pick
1 Old Pick
30 Building Stone
30 Cooper Ore

Breakthrough Floor Limit:
Up to B1F to B6F
1,600 G

Iron Pick
1 Copper Pick
50 Building Stone
40 Cooper Ore
50 Iron Ore
3,100 G

Silver Pick
1 Iron Pick
60 Cooper Ore
80 Iron Ore
50 Silver Ore

Breakthrough Floor Limit:
Breaks mines black, Up to B1F to up
6,100 G

Gold Pick
1 Silver Pick
80 Iron Ore
60 Silver Ore
50 Gold Ore
5 Ruby
8,300 G

Super Pick
1 Gold Pick
15 Sapphire
15 Emerald
15 Diamonds
30 Junk
16,700 G

They will teach you how to mine using pickaxes.

Mining Profit Chart

If you intend to use mining as earning profit in the game, here is the compiled list.

You can sell the mined minerals to Doraemon’s stash delivery box at the Farm.

MineralsBreak Through FloorProfit
Building StoneMine B1F to B4F10 G
JunkMine B1F and up100 G
Fern FossilMine B1F and up200 G
Cooper Ore Mine B1F and up 30 G
Silver OreMine B2F and up 80G
TrilobiteMine B2F and up 120 G
Iron OreMine B2F and up 50 G
Silver OreMine B3F and up80 G
Steg-o-plate Mine B4F and up300 G
NautilidaeMine B4F and up120 G
Raptor ClawMine B5F and up300 G
T-Rex FossilMine B5F and up300 G
Triceratops FossilMine B5F and up400 G
Gold OreMine B5F and up120 G
SapphireMine B5F and up 300 G
Amber Mine B5F and up1200 G
EmeraldMine B6F and up300 G
DiamondMine B6F and up500 G

How to Mine Gold Ore

To mine a Copper Gold, you need to reach B5F or Breakthrough 5th Floor in order to mine Gold Ore. If you’re lucky you can easily get these gold ore in a soft surface. Follow our Save and Load tips above to easily access B5F.

We are adding more details on this part, check back for more details.

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    Someone has any idea what could possibly be wrong with it? I’m in Summer and I even don’t have the Anywhere door because this way I can’t mine gold ore


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