Koropokkur’s Junk Shop in Doraemon Story of Seasons

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Junk is not useless after all! So don’t ever sell your junk in Doraemon Story of Seasons when you get it from the mine site. You will need in the late game when you unlock the harvest sprites or Koropokurr. It uses Junk to exchange the item in the shop.

What’s interesting is, most of the items sold in this shop are ultra-rare that you can use for grinding.

Table of Contents

  1. Koropokkur’s Shop Item
  2. How to unlock Koropokkur’s Shop
  3. List of All Location of Spy Sprite
  4. Where to Get More Junk

Unlocking the Koropokkur shop will give you the advantage in the game as the item are cheaper and it’s super effective.

Koropokkur’s Shop Item

Below, you’ll find what item is sold in this shop with the exchange of Junk.


Canned Spring
Open for one of four seasons. Changes greenhouse to Spring.8 Junk

Canned Summer
Open for one of four seasons. Changes greenhouse to Summer. 8 Junk

Canned Autumn
Open for one of four seasons. Changes greenhouse to Autumn. 8 Junk

Canned Winter
Open for one of four seasons. Changes greenhouse to Winter. 8 Junk

Unturned Stone Cap
transform to unnoticed pebble25 Junk

Weather Cap
Change the weather to Sunny, the next day.8 Junk

Weather Cap
Change the weather to Cloudy, the next day.8 Junk

Weather Cap
Change the weather to Rainy, the next day.8 Junk

Ultra Upgrader
Increase all tool performance for an hour8 Junk

2 Hours unlimited Stamina10 Junk

Use to flip heaven and earth25 Junk

Body Blower Upper
enlarge body25 Junk

Lunar Luck
improves luck for 3 hours. Perfect for fishing10 Junk

Gro-Quik Powder
Crops grow 1-day faster.10 Junk

Motivator Bomb
Restores Stamina 100%10 Junk

Ghost Timer
Set a timer for a ghost to appear15 Junk

Mini Raincloud
auto watering of crops (5 x 5)15 Junk

Land Fishing Rod
Allow you to fish inland. Try fishing from any location.200 Junk

How to Unlock Koropokkur’s Shop

You’ll unlock this shop after you’ve found all of Spy Sprite in the game. This is after Mark, Gemma and Gennie asked your help for searching the spy sprite scattered on the map of the island.

To activate the mission, you need the following requirements, chapter to complete and the number of Hearts relationship of these villagers.

  • Chapter 5
  • Doraemon – 3 Hearts
  • Mark – 5 Hearts
  • Gemma – 3 Hearts
  • Gennie – 3 Hearts

To know their favorite gift, you may check our separate post -> Gifting Guide.

Once you’ve activated the story. Mark’s family will asked your help to locate the Spy Sprite. You have to find these spies from 6:00 AM in the morning until 1:00 PM in the afternoon.

We’ve listed the location below.

List of All Location of Spy Sprite

There are 4 different Spy Sprite that you need to locate. Most of these are hiding inside the shops.

Spy SpriteLocationScreenshot
RestaurantInside the restaurant, at the kitchen near the burning pot.
General StoreInside the General Store, he is hiding at the cashier area
Mayor Ryam CapitolInside Mayor’s Ryam Capitol, the next spy sprite is hiding inside the Mayor’s bedroom beside Doraemon’s room. He is hiding in the cabinet as a Hat.
Sandy’s Tacle ShopInside the room of Sandy, just near the door.

Where to Get More Junk

There is only one way to get Junk that is by mining. Usually, there are more junk deposits on Floor 1 to Floor 4, so make sure to hunt these floors for Junk.

You can also use the Save and Load tricks to get better chances of getting Junk to save Stamina.

That’s it, Guys! Hope this guide helps you with unlocking the Koropokkur shop.

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