List of All Woods and Plants Location in Doraemon Story of Seasons

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Similar in the real world, the trees and the plants work the same in Doraemon Story of Seasons. The edible and grass plant in the game is seasonal growth where you can only loot different plants during the 4 different seasons. While trees are non-seasonal meaning it stays the same even the season is changing.

For tips, you should keep a plant before the end of every season; this is to make sure you have a pile of stock to use for story missions or for upgrades that require these materials.

Table of Contents

  1. Trees or Woods Locations
  2. Plants Locations and Seasons
  3. Where to Use Woods and Plants

The woods or trees, on the other hand, are not a problem as you can loot them anytime you want.

Trees or Woods Locations

There are three types of woods in Doraemon Story of Seasons. Each of these woods, you can loot up to 4 pcs of it. The trees regrow after 3 days. Initially, all of these woods are available on the farm.

Trees / WoodsLocations Stamina Required

Soft Wood
Lumberjack Forest (3)
Lake Drench (3)
Rolin Forest (2)
Plash River (2)
Swoosh Falls (2)

Normal Wood
Lumberjack Forest (4)
Lake Drench (3)
Rolin Forest (2)
Plash River (1)

Hard Wood
Lumberjack Forest (1)
Lake Drench (1)
Rolin Forest (2)
Plash River (3)

Plants Locations and Seasons

Edible and non-edible plants or forages grow in different seasons here are their locations. These plants don’t require stamina in order to loot.

ShiitakeSwoosh Falls
Mount Whistle
Bamboo ShootLumberjack Forest
Swoosh Falls
HorsetailSwoosh Falls Spring
MugwortPlash RiverSpring
Royal FernSwoosh Falls Spring
WeedMount Whistle
Loquat (Fruits)Mouth WhistleSpring
DandelionRolin ForestSpring
IrisEast Natura
Rolin Forest
Apricot TreeSwoosh FallsSummer
GingerSwoosh FallsSummer
Almond TreePlash RiverSummer
HydrangeaRolin ForestSummer
AloeZazan CapeSumer
NamekoLumberjack ForestFall
MatsutakePlash RiverFall
Wood EarRolin ForestFall
OrangeLumberjack ForestWinter

Where to Use Woods and Plants

You can use woods to upgrade your farm; including building a new house, farm, and other furniture. It can also be used for gifting to villagers, to earn relationships and unlocks new stories. Like for example, Big G or Takeshi (Damulag) likes a Normal tree.

Edible plants can be eaten to earn small stamina. Lastly, it can also be sold to Doraemon stash.

That’s it, guys! I hope this mini-guide helps you with your adventure in Doraemon Story of Seasons.

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  • Sapi Ngawang October 27, 2019 3:43 am

    where to find morning glory?

    • ryse November 1, 2019 12:38 pm

      u can buy at store

    • Robby Bagus S November 1, 2019 12:39 pm

      u can buy at store

  • Aran Vil November 12, 2019 12:17 pm

    mind if i add some
    Honeycomb, east part of farm, summer
    Shiitake (oyster mushroom), lake drench/ rolling forest/ lumberjack forest, autumn
    chestnut, rolling forest, autumn
    Apple, lumberjack forest, autumn
    Walnut, lake drench, autumn
    Shepherd’s Purse, farm/ lumberjack forest/ rolling forest/ plash river, winter
    Red Saxifrage, swoosh falls, winter

    1. weed is all season almost all area except mine, east natura, big tree root, mt whistle peak, cave
    2. ginger can also be found in east natura around clinic


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