How to Make Cookies for Spring Thanksgiving in Doraemon Season of Story

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At the beginning of the Doraemon Season of Story game, there is a specific event for the first year of spring, where you’ll be tasked to give someone a cookie. The event is called Spring Thanksgiving, it describes as “Give someone you’re interested in a cookie. People who receive one in winter may return the favor later on”. Much of you probably skip or haven’t finished this event, its either because you don’t know how to make a cookie or lacks of time.

The thing is, it is impossible to make the cookie during the first year of Spring. You need a house upgrade and a couple of days for preparation to complete the whole task. Including owning a cow.

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We’ve tried collecting the required item for upgrading a house starting Day 3 and started the house upgrades on Day 6, we still didn’t reach the Day 14 deadline. It takes a total of 11 days to complete the upgrade. If you even manage to complete the requirement on Day 3, it is still impossible; Carpenter Shop is Closed for that day.

We suggest skipping the Spring Thanksgiving for this year, and instead complete the requirements first and join next year.

How to unlock Kitchen

The first requirement is having a Kitchen, the kitchen can only be unlocked when Noby’s house is upgraded. It takes 7 working days (11 days total) to complete and a few thousand gold and several materials needed.

First of all, you need the following requirements in order to upgrade Noby’s House to Roomy House.

  • 3,200 Gold
  • 48 Soft wood
  • 36 Normal wood
  • 27 Hard wood
  • 24 Building Stone
  • 41 Cooper Ore

Once you’ve completed the above, you’re good to go. To upgrade Noby’s house, you need to go to Hammer – Carpenter Shop at Lumberjack Forest. It is opened every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM (Noon), and 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Talk to Pent and purchase the Roomy House. It will take 11 days to complete. During the 11 days, Pent is not available in the Carpenter Shop, so don’t mind checking him out.

After 11 days, Nobita’s upgraded house will be finished, and Pent will guide you on how to cook.

The kitchen is located inside the house at the top corner.

The first requirement is now finished, we can move to the ingredients part.


The basic ingredients for a Cookie is a Flour and a Butter.

You can buy these ingredients from the Cafe Delish Restaurant, it is opened during Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 12:00 PM (Noon) to 4:00 PM, and 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Flour can be bought from the “Buy Produce”, it cost around 200 G.

While the Butter is a recipe, you can buy it at the “Buy Recipe”, it cost around 90 G. You also need the following materials, Whisk (2,450 G) and Cotton Swab (2,100 G) from “Buy Cookware”.

The missing ingredient is the Milk, you can only get the milk by buying a Cow and by milking it.


Though this doesn’t involve days of preparation. This part is costly, the Cow is cost around 6,000 G and the Milker is cost around 1,000 G.

Cow will be delivered to the farms’ barn. Harvest the milk and it will be good. It will takes 2 days to harvest again for another milk.

Making a Butter

Go back to Noby’s house and access the Kitchen, then at Make from Recipe. Select Butter Recipe and select the ingredients from your bag.

How to Make a Cookie

To make a cookie, go to Freestyle and at the Ingredients to Use, select the Flour and Butter.

Then at Cooking Tool, select Cotton Swab.


To recap everything, you need the following materials and amount to unlock and make a Cookie.

  • 14,950 Gold
    • Butter Recipe
    • Cotton Swab
    • Whisk
    • Cow
    • Milker
  • 48 Soft wood (12 trees)
  • 36 Normal wood (9 trees)
  • 27 Hard wood (7 trees)
  • 24 Building Stone (8 stones)
  • 41 Cooper Ore

Voila! You’ve got yourself a cookie. That’s it, guys! I hope this guide helps you with making a cookie!

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  • Jenny October 14, 2019 10:29 am

    Argh! That’s so annoying! The game made it sound like you could totally make them in the first year. The girl even comes over to remind you to go buy the rolling pin, flour and milk. I just dumped 2.1k into a pin when I could have bought something else, like a chicken or upgrades! Thanks for the guide.

    • Robin October 16, 2019 5:51 pm

      So if you think there’s a town folk asking you for some hardly impossible request to make within that month its fine to say “no” to them. Because it could happen again next time or perhaps next year whence you’re more applicable for certain requests.

  • Suth November 2, 2019 7:48 am

    It’s possible to participate the first thanksgiving. On 3rd of Spring, you should focus on mining. By using “save&load trick”, you can get to BF6 which is enough for collecting 41 copper ores and some fossils. After that, go visit the general store to finish the quest in order to get 5 x Fatigue-Fogger. Then, go back to your farm and use Fatigue-Fogger to cut down all trees and pick up some building stones as many as possible. 2 Fatigue-Foggers and taking some naps should be enough. Don’t forget to sell all the fossils before 18.00, by doing this, you can get enough money to upgrade you house. On the next day, you have a plenty of time to finish finding the rest materials. You must upgrade you house on 4th of Spring only. On the same day you can go visit the cafe and use “save&load trick” again at the cafe to find Butter and Flour. If you follow the step correctly, your upgraded house will be finished on 14th of spring the thanksgiving day. Now you can enjoy making your cookies.

    *About “save&load trick”, you can find it within this website by clicking Article Tags: Doraemon Story of Seasons

    • Naruto January 11, 2023 8:45 pm

      While generally this is a pretty solid advice, I would recommend against doing it / rushing to participate for the first thanksgiving, why?

      Well, because there is also a horse racing on the spring event and it is better to put your resources to making the horse stable as compared to a house upgrade


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