How to Get Harmon’s Bracelet in Doraemon Story of Seasons

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In Doraemon Story of Seasons, when you reach heart level 2 to Doraemon. There will be a story mission that Doraemon and the gang will start searching for the Sprite Summoner. Specifically they’re looking for a bracelet which he dropped in the forest.

By Accident, Harmon shows up and bumps to Big G (Damulag) then Harmon’s brag about Jemma giving him a seed and like to plant them in pronto. Nobita and Doraemon then notice the bracelet on the arm of Harmon and identical to the bracelet that they’re looking for.

Harmon then explained her Granny Ravi gave it to him. And Harmon is happy to return it back but with one simple request. Finding a Coral that she will give to Jemma.

Where to Find Coral for Harmon

Basically, the Coral can be found on the beaches in town.

In the map, these corals are located in the following area:

  • Zazan Beach (Bay Area)
  • Zazan Cape (Bay Area)

At the bay area, there are Corals and Shell scattered. Look for this White Coral.

Once you find one, give it to Harmon.

We will not spoil what happens next, as the next portion is all about storytelling.

That’s it Pancit! I hope this basic guide helps you find the corals and ables to get Harmon’s Bracelet.

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