What is Invention Inventor (Seed Maker, Mill) in Doraemon Story of Seasons

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When you reach Autumn Season, there will be a trigger event or story from Blake. Whom you see him running, and when you reach their house. Blake found the Invention Inventor gadget of Doraemon. Blake claims that he made the gadget and Doraemon insist he owns it. But, Blake’s father Smitty appears and grabbed the Invention Inventor. Doraemon tried to explain that he owns the gadget, but Smitty forced to borrow it for a while.

After the end of the story, you probably confused when you get a notification saying Get Invention Inventor, which means you’ve got the Invention Inventor. But the item is not from your bag or either from your stash. However, it is listed in the Key Items.

Table of Contents

  1. What is the Use of Invention Inventor
  2. Seed Maker
  3. Mill

What is the Use of Invention Inventor

So what really is the Invention Inventor? Well, it will unlock an additional buy option to the Blacksmith Store, called “Buy a Maker”. This is where you’ll get the Seed Maker and Mill.

Here are the details of the new machine from Smitty.

Seed MakerA Machine that produces seeds from crops. Make seeds for the same crop inserted. One crop produces three seeds.100 x Building Stone
100 x Copper Ore
125 x Iron Ore
25 x Silver Ore

8000 G
MillA machine for milling. Allows you to make your own flour and chicken feed.150 x Building Stone
125 x Copper Ore
100 x Iron Ore
75 x Silver Ore
1 x Diamond

8,000 G

Seed Maker

The Seed Maker allows you to convert your crops into seeds. What’s interesting with this machine is that, the quality of the crops will be carry over to the seed. Meaning, if you converted a crop with 2.5-star quality, you’ll get a seed with a 2.5-star quality as well.

With this machine, you’ll be able to finally achieve the 5-star quality crops that you can use to win any Harvest Contest.

The conversion of the machine is 1 crop = 3 seeds.


The Mill Machine will allow you to convert your wheat to flour in Doraemon Story of Seasons or making a chicken feed.

Tips, did you know that you can get easy money by converting the wheat to flour? Instead of cropping that will take a couple of weeks or days. You can buy a Wheat instead from the General Store, and convert the Wheat to Flour.

In this way, youll earn a profit of 90 G per conversion.

Thats pretty all guys! Hope this small guide helps you understand the

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  • Ricky Cortez October 26, 2019 2:32 pm

    Invention inventor will also unlock upgrade of tools from gold to super.


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