How to Get Free Special Items in Doraemon Story of Seasons

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In the game Doraemon Story of Seasons, players will be able to get free special items that can be used as a starter pack. Most players forgot to get this free stuff, this guide will help you get the Golden Statue, Fatigue-Frogger, Gro-Quik Powder & free Turnip Seeds.

Table of Contents

  1. Claim Item at General Store
  2. How to Get Fatigue-Frogger and Gro-Quik Powder
  3. How to Get Golden Doraemon Statue
  4. How to get 20 x Turnip Seeds

These items are helpful to get started with planting your crops and harvest a generous amount of profit.

Claim Item at General Store

The first thing you need to do is to activate the gift, you can activate it by purchasing it from the General Store.

If you notice an item with 0 prices, that are the free special item. It’s the Spring Seed Set and Special Delivery.

Once you’ve purchased one of the items, Gennie will talk about you regarding the situation; Spring Seed Set will be given to Jemma and the Special Delivery for Mayor Ryam.

How to Get Fatigue-Frogger and Gro-Quik Powder

For Special Delivery, you’ll be teleported immediately to Ryam, and he will reward you a statue of Doraemon. This will also activate the gifts from Doraemon.

After talking to Ryam, Doraemon will visit you on the farm and mention the gift.

To claim it, you need to talk back to Doraemon to get the rewards. Talk to him two times since the rewards are two!

How to Get Golden Doraemon Statue

To get the Golden Doraemon Statue, locate Pent in the map or visit him during the working hours in Carpenter Shop at Lumberjack Forest.

Pent will hand to you the Golden Statue, and you’re free to place this statue anywhere on your farm. It’s like a scarecrow but made with gold!

How to get 20 x Turnip Seeds

For Spring Seed Set, what you only need to do is to find Jemma. You can locate it from the map. Open your map and find the place she is currently located.

If you have no idea how Jemma looks like, here is the pic:

You can also watch our video walkthrough below for this guide.

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  • Jeffrey Emerzona October 18, 2019 11:46 am

    I just wanna add that Jemma will also give you 20 potato, strawberry and cabbage seeds. Just keep talking to her until you get all the seeds.


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