How to Get Horse and Stables in Doraemon Story of Seasons

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If you see other players riding a horse in Doraemon Story of Seasons, and curious about the Horse Race competition in the calendar. This guide will help you unlock Horse Stables, and get a horse for the competition. The competition will only happen every Spring season and you only have 15 days to complete all of the requirements.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Unlock Horse Stable
  2. Get the Horse
  3. How to Feed Horse
  4. Horse Race

It will be possible for you to complete all of the requirements given you will start collecting on the 3rd day of Summer and until the 10th day.

How to Unlock Horse Stable

First, you need to unlock Horse Stable on your farm. This is the main requirement to get a horse. Unlocking a Horse Stable will also allow you to get a Horse for free later on from Remi.

To unlock Horse Stable, you need to go to the Carpenter at Lumberjack Forest, check the Carpenter Store hours before going in there.

You also need the following materials in order to purchase the upgrade.

  • 40 x Soft Wood
  • 31 x Normal Wood
  • 19 x Hard Wood
  • 12 x Building Stone
  • 30 x Copper Ore
  • 5,200 G

Once you have all of the requirements, you can now go to the Carpenter and proceed with the upgrades.

Talk to Pent, and select Build. On the list, browse down and find Horse Stable.

It takes, 5 working days or 7 days in total to complete the construction. Unfortunately, Pent doesn’t work in non-working days thats why it extended to 7 days.

Get the Horse

After 7 days, your Stable should be delivered to your farm and Pent will talk to you with some little information about stables.

Once done, go out from your farm and head to West Natura. From there, Remi and her family argue about a horse and Nobita offers an help to take care of the horse instead.

You need to accept the offer and you’ll automatically get a Free horse.

Remi will then teach you the basics of taking care of Horse.

Here are some helpful keyboard and gamepad buttons for managing a horse.

  • To Call Horse – Press T on the keyboard or RT button.
  • To Talk – Press C on the keyboard or X button.
  • To Ride – Press Space on the keyboard or A button.

How to Feed Horse

Unfortunately, you cannot feed horse with anything. To take care of the horse, you just need to talk to him every single day.

Make sure to send your horse inside the stable when its rainy days.

Horse Race

During the Spring Season, there is a celebration for Horse Racing in Harappa Square. Anyone with a horse can join this race. If you already get a horse, you can join this event and.

Talk to the Mayor Ryam to join the contest.

That’s it! You can now use the horse to ride and go faster to any destination you want. You may also watch our walkthrough video below.

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