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After it’s successful crowdfunding at Kickstarter, started in 2015, Shenmue 3 is finally out for almost 4 years of waiting. The game has a lot of challenging mission, that includes questioning villagers for leads of a certain mission, combat and reward system. There are also mini-games that player can play that will earn them either item or in-game money.

Similar to the previous game of Shenmue franchise, the director preserves almost all of the mechanics in Shenmue III that makes this game unique from the other triple-A titles.

In this guide, we will cover all of the things that can help you complete the mission in Shenmue III. From basic up to advanced guides.

Mission Guides

So far, below are the helpful article that we already made for you.

  1. Hide and Seek with Children
  2. Look for Clues in Xu’s House
  3. Flower, Bird, Wind, and Moon Bookie
  4. Beat the Facial Scar, Xuan
  5. Look for Clues in Man Yuan Temple

Side Mission Guides

There are also side missions that the villager wanted a request from Ryo.

  1. Capsule of Love (White Lure)
  2. Heartbreak Kung Fu (Blue Dragon Vase)
  3. Future Dream (Mobile Crane Toy and Secret Fishing Spot)

Helpful Tips

Below, you’ll find helpful tips on how to increase Ryu’s abilities, choirs, and ways to earn in-game money.

  1. How to Earn Fast Money using Save and Load Trick
  2. List of All Characters location
  3. Getting the Herb Map
  4. How to Exchange Tokens (List of Item)

Other parts are still in progress, keep checking this page for more updates.

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