How to Exchange Tokens with Prizes in Shenmue 3

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When Ryo plays bet games to Bookies in the game, he needs a token to bid and the reward for winning the game are tokens as well. You’ve been probably figuring out where and how to exchange these Tokens for prizes as the Zhong Ziliu Bookie in the Joy Park mentions.

The Tokens cannot be exchanged directly with money and you cannot exchange it in Joy Park, or in other places, but there is only one place where you can exchange these Tokens and that is inside the Panda Market.

Meimei Exchange Store in Shenmue 3

In order to Exchange Tokens, you need to talk to Mao Meimei the Prize exchange NPC in the Panda Market.

Mao Meimei in Shenmue 3

After the exchange, your item will have appeared straight to your inventory.

List of All Token Trade Item

The following are the list of items you can trade tokens with prizes.

All prize exchange in Shenmue 3
BananaOriginally cultivated as a staple food. It’s earned fame for its ability to nourish athletes.

Recovers +60 HP.
30 Tokens
PearGrainy, sweet, and juicy. Countless fruits of the Rosaceae tree have been farmed since the days of Ancient Greece.

Recovers +90 HP.
30 Tokens
MangoThe sugar content of this fruit increases as it ripens. It is frequently used in juice and desserts.

Recovers +150 HP.
60 Tokens
Black GarlicPeople have been eating it since 4000 BC. Aged and fermented.

Recovers +300 HP.
100 Tokens
Crown Noble 15YA high-grade vintage aged over fifteen years.390 Tokens
Scarlet Bay 50YPlum liqueur aged over fifty years.530 Tokens
Smoky CrystalAlso known as smoky quartz. It does not occur naturally but rather is created by radiating white crystals.1,800 Tokens
Purple CrystalAlso known as amethyst, this relatively famous purple crystal is also used to manufacture citrine quartz.3,260 Tokens
Iron KettleA mass-produced item made of high quality cast iron. It is rust-resistant and can hold up to the test of time.1,100 Tokens
TeapotA replica of luxury goods that incorporate celadon techniques. It’s sold to tourists at inflated prices.440 Tokens
TeacupOriginally made to be part of a set with a teapot. It is sometimes sold individually because too many of them were produced.340 Tokens
Ceramic PotA pot made out of ceramic, it is nondescript, but you can feel the love its maker put into its creation.180 Tokens
HammerAn item with a mysterious backstory. The manufacturer is said to have accidentally hit his own finger during the inspection.30 Tokens
Magnifying GlassA handy tool fits for many purposes ranging from children’s education to historical discoveries.30 Tokens
Teddy Bear 1A shaggy teddy bear with an earthen color. It is fun to hug.580 Tokens
Teddy Bear 3A teddy bear with an earthy pattern on a white background. It is smooth to the touch.740 Tokens
Teddy Bear 4A teddy bear with a stylish pattern on a white background. Its pattern resembles wrapping paper.820 Tokens
ScaleAn extremely good scale with an error tolerance of +/- 10 kg.160 Tokens
Landscape PaintingThe artist is extremely famous. You’d have to be a fool to pass up a chance to get your hands on this.560 Tokens
AquamarinThe birthstone of March, this aquamarine has been cut to resembles a teardrop.1,500 Tokens
PandaA plush toy of an animal loved all over the world.130 Tokens
Butterfly PendantA pendant decorated with a beautiful butterfly.330 Tokens
Light BulbA bare light bulb. The cheapest go-to choice for commoners.20 Tokens
Opera Mask (Red)An exotic Chinese opera mask with rich red and black colors.130 Tokens
One-Handed Frying PanA simple one-handed frying pan. Using one hand, you can become a cooking pro.240 Tokens
Canned Mandarin OrangesA can of mandarin oranges in syrup. Popular with children. Best served when the can is chilled.

Recovers +180 HP.
60 Tokens
Canned TomatoesThe ideal base when making pasta sauce from scratch.

Recovers +180 HP.
60 Tokens
Hanging Scroll
(Beautiful Woman)
A drawing of a woman from ancient times. She has a relaxed aura.360 Tokens
PerchA perch for small birds. It does not include stand.120 Tokens
Painting of Child Happily holding a bottle of vinegar. The child looks ready to make sushi.190 Tokens
Green Glazed VaseA green vase modeled after those from the Han Dynasty.800 Tokens
Flowerpot (Brick)A flowerpot made of brick. It provides good drainage, allowing plants to grow.170 Tokens
Classic Drawer TableA table with a drawer that can store small items.130 Tokens
Photo of SunflowerThe first time in the movie. “Summer Me and Winter you.” in which the protagonist meets his girlfriend in a sunflower field.60 Tokens
MetronomeA metronome that helps players keep the beat.370 Tokens
SD Ling Shenhua T-ShirtT-shirt with a deformed Shenhua print. It has a print on the back.6,760 Tokens
Monk T-ShirtT-shirt with a print of a monk who beat 300 men with a single kick.9,970 Tokens
SneakersSturdy sneakers with quality stitching.7,460 Tokens
Silk Gauze FabricA fabric that is woven from silk gauze.130 Tokens

That’s it! I hope this guide helps you more doing a quest in the game. For more tips and tricks, kindly check out our Ultimate Guide for Shenmue 3.

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