List of All Characters and Villager Locations in Shenmue 3

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Looking for people that might help you with something in Shenmue 3 is quite difficult tasked to find especially for side missions. You ended checking out each of the villagers which are sometimes frustrating.

Table of Contents

  1. Rice Field
  2. Martial Arts Hall
  3. Verdant Bridge
  4. Joy Park
  5. Village Square
  6. Sunflower Groove
  7. Rainbow Basin
  8. Panda Market
  9. Hermit’s Nest
  10. Man Yuan Temple
  11. Sunset Hill
  12. Langhuishan

For your convenience, we compiled all possible location of all NPC characters in the game so that you can find them easily without going all throughout the map. All villager listed here can be found during daylight. The most villager in the evening goes to their home and sometimes not located in their usual place.

Rice Field Villager

The starting point of the game where Ryo gets to rest and talks to Shenhua. This is where Shenhua’s house is located.

Rice Field in Shenmue 3

Shenhua Ling
A teenage girl who Ryo is helping.

Ryo Hazuki
The main protagonist of the game.

Martial Arts Hall Villager

Martial Arts Hall in Shenmue 3

Where Ryo trains his skills and endurance. But there is not much NPC that you can interact here unless the master.


Huang Hu
The master of Martial Arts Hall. This NPC is where you can talk to take training or spar.

Verdant Bridge Villager

Verdant Bridge in Shenmue 3

The legendary bridge in Shenmue 3, it is guarded by two villagers.


Liu Datong
One of the guards in the Verdant Bridge, wearing a red shirt and black pants. You can also found Liu during the evening at Village Square.

Wang Shiren
One of the guards in the Verdant Bridge, wearing a blue shirt. He is also hanging around with Liu during the evening at Village Square.

Joy Park Villager

Joy Park in Shenmue 3

These are the NPC that you can find daily in Joy Park.


Zhong Ziliu
A Bookie where you can buy Tokens in Joy Park

Miao Mingzhu
A Bookie for Lucky Hit game

Ma Junmin
Turtle Racing Bookie

Xi Xianfei
A Bookie where you can play a Dice game called “Roll it on Top”.

Jin Heguang
Another Bookie for Lucky Hit

Song Qun
Flower, Bird, Wind, and Moon Bookie. Only available at 7:00 PM.

Yang Wenliang
An NPC with side mission.

Village Square Villager

Village Square in Shenmue 3

Here are the villagers inside the Village Square, this is where you’ll find kids training with a big guy. Some of the NPC are non-interactive. So we only list NPC that you can talk in this village.


Su Zhengping
Kid with White/Dark Blue stripe shirt.

Mao Yeliang
Kid with Orange/Blue stripe shirt.

Bai Qinghao
Kid with Yellow/White stripe shirt.

Su Zixiong
Kung Fu teacher of the kids. You can find him also during the evening at the Sunset Hill where he lives.

Zhou Lin
NPC kids in the villager wearing pink shirt and red pants.

Wang Meiling
One of the kids in the villagers, wearing a yellow shirt and orange skirt.

Wang Wen
One of the lady villager, wearing kimono.

Mao Yuefang
A lady villager wearing a white scarf, pink clothes, and dark pants.

Jiang Yu
The old lady inside the Fast Kitchen, preparing for food.

Lei Mingyang
A villager that looks like a Kung Fu apprentice.

Jiang Ming
An old villager always seating in front of Fast Kitchen.

Xuan Shancun
NPC Booker for Pail Toss. The guy with a facial scar in face.

Liu Fang
NPC Booker for Lucky Toss in the village.

Yeh Xiuyu
The old lady singing in front of her house.
Zhou CaizheIt only appears during the evening at the Fast Kitchen.

Sunflower Groove Villager

Sunflower Groove in Shenmue 3

You can definitely interact with all of the villagers in Sunflower Groove.


Yang Lihong
One of the kids wearing a Blue/White shirt. He is part of the story of finding the kid in hide-and-seek.

Kong Zhuang
One of the kids wearing Green and White Polkadot shirt.

Lei Chunhai
The only little kid girl in the Sunflower Groove village wearing a red dress.

Ye Zijun
One of the kids wearing a pink/white shirt and pink shorts.

Wei Zhen
A lady Kung Fu apprentice. You can talk to her and have sparring together.

Mo Yi
This lady can be found inside the cattle. She wears a blue shirt and gray pants.

Wei Qin
Another lady in the village, wearing a dark purple shirt and blue pants.

Yan Gziting
A lady farmer inside the cattle.

Yang Shen
This old lady is always seating at the back of the house.

Lu Baixan
A Big guy fishing in the pond. During evening, he is also in Village Square.

Rainbow Basin Villager

Rainbow Basin in Shenmue 3

A remote area in Shenmue 3, this is the residence owned by one family next to the Sunflower Groove.


Ye Jufang
Daughter of Ye Zijuan in Rainbow Basin.

Ye Zijuan
Mother of Ye Jufang. She’s the one who helps Ryo who got beaten by the thugs.

Panda Market Villager

Panda Market in Shenmue 3

In the Panda Market, you can purchase and sell everything in this place.


Ke Junhao
A Stonemason man in the Panda Market.

Mao Zhi
A kid in the village, he has some request mission for Ryo. He is the young brother of Mao Meimei.

Ding Jinqin
Exchange collector NPC in the village.

Mao Meimei
Prize Exchange NPC in the village.

Hu Caihong
You can buy fruit from her shops.

Su Hong
Lady in the market wearing a white apron.

Luo Xialian
The young lady who has been working at the Drunken Panda.

Kong Mei
The old lady inside the Kong Mei Goods.

Su Yaqin
Bystander lady in the Panda Market. Her home is in Sunset Hill, usually, get back home in the evening.

Hermit’s Nest Villager

Hermit's Nest in Shenmue 3

The next village to Panda Market is the Hermit’s Nest. Only few folks are leaving in this village and almost old people.


Hu Xiulan
The old lady wearing a dark green scarf and green shirt.

Lei Yanan
The old man wearing a green shirt and blue pants.

Zhu Jingfu
An old man wearing a white shirt and black pants.

Zhu Wenjing
And old lady wearing a light brown scarf.

Man Yuan Temple Villager

Man Yuan Temple in Shenmue 3

In the left corner of the square village, there is a temple called Man Yuan Temple where monks pray in these temples and some folks are fishing in the river. However, only 2 NPC that you can interact with here.


Huang Haigui
The Tackle Shop, where you can buy fishing rig in Shenmue 3.

Chen YuQing
The monk in the temple.

Sunset Hill

Another smaller village called sunset hill located.

Qin CibaiRyo can get job from this guy by cutting wood.
Su WengxuAn old man in the village, Ryo meets this guy on the story of the game.
Song YuminA bookie for several games in the village.
Lu YunhuaYou can purchase Tokens from this lady.
Su YuzhenA lady always cooking at her house 🙂
Mo GuangmingThis old guy only appears during the evening at Sunset Hill.
Zhu TianwenA wandering fortune teller in the village. You can pay 10 yuan to found your lucky number or color.

Langhuishan Villager

This place is full of horses, we have no information yet in this location.

Langhuishan in Shenmue 3

That’s it pretty all. This are still in progress and will add more information to the characters listed. For more tips, you can check out our Ultimate Guide for Shenmue 3.

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