How to Get Mobile Crane Toy Capsule (Future Dream) in Shenmue 3

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When Ryo roaming around the Panda Market, he met this little kid named Mao Zhi. The kid wants to play soccer with Ryo, but the little boy doesn’t have a ball. He told Ryo about his future dream career, and he wanted to be a soccer player and his sister won’t buy him a ball. So he told to Ryo that he really wanted the soccer ball and it can be a win from the prize in the Pail Toss game.

mao zhi future dream soccer ball in shenmue 3

When Ryo help Mao Zhi to get the soccer ball, Mao will be waiting in Panda Market.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Get the Soccer Ball
  2. How to Play Pail Toss
  3. How to Get Mobile Crane Toy Capsule
  4. Rewards
  5. Rare Capsule Toy (Mobile Crane)
  6. Secret Fishing Spot

This mission is called Future Dream.

How to Get the Soccer Ball

The soccer ball is one of the prizes in the Pail Toss game in the Village Square. The bookie handling this Pail Toss game is the bookie with a facial scar named Xuan.

Pail toss game in shenmue 3 (soccer ball)

Talk to the Bookie, then play and win in the Pail Toss game.

How to Play Pail Toss

To play Pail Toss, each bet one-time fee is 10 yuan. You’ll get a total of 3 rocks to throw. Your goal is to shoot the rock inside the bucket. The prizes depending on the color you shot in the bucket. Once you’ve shot the bucket you’ll automatically win the prize and the remaining rocks will be forfeited.

pail toss betting in shenmue 3

To move the direction of the toss, below are the basic controls for different platforms.

For PC:

  • Move Left and Right – B and M
  • Move Up and Down – W and S
  • Shoot – K

For PS4 and Xbox One:

  • Move Left and Right – Analog Right (Left and Right direction)
  • Move Up and Down – Analog Left (Up and Down direction)
  • Shoot – X button for PS4 and A button for XBOX One

Once you know the basic control, move the direction to the bucket and if you think it will shot. Throw the rock.

pail toss blue bucket for soccer ball in shenmue 3

Since our goal is the Soccer Ball, make sure to point you throw in the Blue bucket.

How to Get Mobile Crane Toy Capsule

Once you’ve won the Soccer Ball in the Pail Toss, report back to Mao Zhi and hand over the Soccer Ball.

mao zhi shenmue 3

He will be then thankful as he will finally be a soccer player someday. The little kid is also excited to show to his sister MeiMei the ball Ryo gave.

Mao Zhi will also give you two options of rewards.


The reward you’ll be getting from completing the Future Dream mission is the following:

  • Rare Capsule Toy (Mobile Crane)
  • Secret Fishing Spot

You need to choose one reward only.

Rare Capsule Toy Reward

The Rare Capsule contains the Mobile Crane Toy, one of the capsule sets for Heavy Machinery Set collection in the game.

mobile crane toy capsule in shenmue 3

Secret Fishing Spot Reward

If you choose the Fishing Spot, it is basically available if you roam around the Panda Market. It is located at the back of the Meimei store with all the cows, then turns to the left path.

path to secret fishing spot in shenmue 3

That path will lead you to the fishing spot in the area.

secret fishing spot in shenmue 3

That’s it! For more tips and tricks, you can check our Ultimate Guide for Shenmue 3.

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