How to Get the Free Herb Map at Tao Get Store in Shenmue 3

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During the initial missions of the game, you’ll find a tip that the Tao Get Store is giving away a free herb map to everyone. When reaching the Tao-Get Store, you’ll find two pamphlets in a book stands at the right corner, there is also a red mark however the papers. But when you try going near the items, there is no interaction or something.

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  1. How to Get the Free Herb Map
  2. How to View the Herb Map

Most players got clueless on getting this helpful herb maps and most of them skip getting it.

How to Get the Free Herb Map

In order to get the Free Herb Map, you need to zoom the item. This is by pressing and holding the L-CTRL keys for PC, or L2 button for PS4, or LT button for XBOX One.

After that, the green interaction button will now be enabled. To finally get the herb map, just press K for PC, X button for PS4, or A button for XBOX One.

Do the same on the other map on its side.

How to View the Herb Map

To view the map, open up your inventory by pressing U for PC, R1 button for PS4, or RB button for XBOX One.

Then at the Key Items, select the herb map from the list and view it.

There are two maps for the herbs, the first map is for the north part of Shenmue 3 island.

The other map is for the south part of the Shenmue 3 island.

That’s it! I hope this basic guide command control helps you get the free maps. For more tips, you can check out our Shenmue 3 Ultimate Guide.

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