How to Look for Clues in Xu’s House in Shenmue 3

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After finding Lihong at Xu’s house. Ryu found out that the house where Lihong is hiding has been ransacked and trashed by the thugs. To get more details, Ryu needs to find some clues inside the house.

look for clues in shenmue 3

Some players have a trouble looking for these clues, as there are no instruction displayed on the screen unless you go to the controls. This is also the first time players will know how to interact with objects in the game.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Find for Clues
  2. Clue 1: Picture
  3. Removing Obstacles
  4. Clue 2: Name List
  5. Forklift Toy

In this guide, we will help you with the basic controls for finding a clue and how to interact with it. And the exact location of the clues that you need to find.

How to Find for Clues

To look for clues, you need to Zoom to look for curious spots, this is by pressing and holding the L-CTRL for PC, L2 button for PS4, or LT for XBOX One. This will zoom in the camera view in the game allowing you to find the red spot in the objects.

shenmue 3 zoom in controls

There are lots of objects in the house that you can interact with, but most of them are useless and sometimes confused players. You only need to find 2 clues for this mission to complete and a clue for a side mission.

Clue 1: Picture

The first clue is hiding on the bottom door of a cabinet near the wooden gray table.

shenmue 3 cabinet xu house

Zoom the bottom part of the cabinet at the left door. Then access it by pressing K for PC, X button for PS4, or A button for XBOX One.

shenmue 3 photo clue xu house

Ryu will open the door, revealing the photo. Grab the photo and you’re good to go.

Removing Obstacles

Before the 2nd clue, you need to remove some obstacles in Xu’s house to enter the other side of the room. Same methods, Zoom in to chair blocking the way until you find a red circle spot. Then access it. Ryu will then put the chair on the side.

shenmue 3 chair obstacle xu house

Do the same on the other table obstacle then go inside the other room for the next clue.

shenmue 3 table obstacle xu house

Clue 2: Name List

In the other side of the room, you’ll find a 3-panel divider on the floor. Zoom to remove the object and it will reveal an object laying on the floor.

shenmue 3 three panel divider

Now, zoom in the paper on the floor and you’ll get the name list clue.

shenmue 3 name list clue floor

Forklift Toy

The other clue that might you need to get is the toy just laying inside the room near the bed.

forklift toy shenmue 3 clues

Get the toy and you need it on the next side mission.

shenmue 3 toy forklift xu house

Once you’ve got the 3 objects. You’re ready to go for the next mission with the thugs.

That’s it! Hope this guide helps with the basic controls. For more tips like this, you can check out our Shenmue 3 Ultimate Guide.

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