How to Beat Xuan ‘Bookie with Facial Scar’ in Shenmue 3

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In the initial story of the Shenmue III, Ryo and Shenhua are looking for the thugs who went to Wang Wen’s house. There is a single villager who sees the thugs, its a guy with a Facial Scar on his face. You then tasked to find this guy, and if you talk to some villager in the park they will tell you his real name “Xuan Shancun“.

Table of Contents

  1. Where to find Bookie with Facial Scar (Location)
  2. How to Beat Xuan
  3. Train in Martial Hall
  4. Using Snake Power

In this guide, we will help you find Bookie and how to beat Xuan in Shenmue III.

Where to find Bookie with Facial Scar (Location)

To find Xuan, you can spot him in the village, just near the playground where kids are playing, on the left portion where a guy balancing on the pillar of woods. Behind it, you’ll find a guy standing – wearing orange pants, a white shirt with a green vest.

Bookie Facial Scar Xuan location at Shenmue 3

Talk to him and Ryu will spot the scar on his face.

Xuan Scarred Face at Shenmue 3

How to Beat Xuan

After talking to Xuan, he will then challenge you in exchange for the information about the thugs he saw. You need to fight and defeat Xuan.

There are many ways a player can defeat Xuan. In objective logs, it recommends you to train at the Martial Hall, but there are much easier way and that is by drinking the Snake Power from Tao Shop.

Train in Martial Hall

Train at the Martial Hall, if you choose to train at the martial hall you need to maximize the level of your skill by doing the Spar session. It will take about 10 tries to full max all of the skills.

Martial Arts training using Spar at Martial Hall, Shenmue 3

And for the health, you need to train at the Wooden Dummy. You can find it in front of the Martial Hall. This will take you about 10 tries to fully maximize Ryu’s endurance.

horse stance training martial hall at shenmue 3

Using Snake Power

If you choose the Snake Power, you can buy it from the Tao Shop. It will heal your HP while in the battle by 50%, good for taking down Xuan. However, it cost 270 yuan to obtain it. If you need to reach this money, you can do the wood chopping that will only take 1 to 2 tries for earning 70 yuans.

snake power tao shop at shenmue 3

But for us, we recommend doing both to have a high chance of success of beating Xuan.

That’s pretty it! I hope this guide will help you finish Shenmue 3 first fighting difficulties. You may also check our Ultimate Guide for Shenmue 3.

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