How to Earn Fast Money (Save & Load Trick) in Shenmue 3

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Earning money in Shenmue 3 is free and you didn’t need to put real money on it, unlike other Pay to Win (P2W) games. There are lots of ways to make money in Shenmue 3, such as chopping woods, collecting plants, playing bookie’s game and more.

Tokens Earn in Shenmue 3

Since Shenmue 3 is based on its classic game Shenmue 2 and 1, most of the features of the game remain the same, which includes the classic Save & Load features. Once upon a time, the most basic cheat for all games in the 90’s are the Save and Load tricks, where you’ll redo the things that you failed or missed to do.

The Save and Load tricks can be easily used in the Bookie’s game where you’ll earn money by betting to their game. Although the result is random, the Save and Load trick will allow you to return all of the money you’ve lost and re-play again.

This trick will not really ruin the game features, but it will just fasten how you’d get money. The trick will make you earn money 8 times faster than chopping woods and depending on the luck of the bet.

Table of Content

  1. Save and Load Trick
  2. How to Save Progress
  3. How to Load Progress

Make sure to buy Tokens before doing this step, you need at least 1,000 Tokens to start.

Save and Load Trick

The bookie game that gives you a higher chance of winning and doesn’t involve lots of interaction is the Flower, Bird, Wind and Moon bookie game.

There are only 4 odds, the probability of chances of winning is at 25%. The only interaction you’ve made to this game is the amount betting, choices of color and the starting of the game. This way you can easily repeat the process.

The bookie for Flower, Bird, Wind, and Moon is available in two areas. The closest one is in Joy Park at 6:00 PM, and the other one is in Sunset Hill at any time. Joy Park is the faster one because you don’t need to pick the type of games to start, but it’s only available during the evening.

When you’re in the area, you need to Save your progress.

Talk to the Bookie and start the game. If you’re in Sunset Hill bookie, you’ll need to pick the game first. Choose Flower, Bird, Wind & Moon.

Flower, Bird, Wind and Moon Bookie in Shenmue 3

Bet Max at 1,000 Tokens.

Betting in Shenmue 3

Choose the color you want.

Flower, Bird, Wind and Moon game in Shenmue 3 Gameplay

If you lose the game, you can play again. But if you lose twice. You need to Load your progress.

If you win, you’ll earn 400% percent from your bet, which means you get a total of 4,000 Tokens. If we convert it to yuan, that’s around 400 Yuan. In chopping woods, you only earn from 40 yuan to 60 yuan.

If you already have enough Tokens, you can now Exchange this Tokens for Prizes to Yuans.

How to Save Progress

To save, open up the Inventory menu (U for PC). Then go to Settings.

Settings in Shenmue 3

Then go to Save.

Save in Shenmue 3

And select the slot you want to save your progress.

Save Progress prompt in Shenmue 3

How to Load Progress

To load, just like the Save progress, open up Inventory Menu. Go to Settings.

Settings in Shenmue 3

Then at Save, toggle the choices to Load by pressing A or D for PC.

Load in Shenmue 3

Now, select the progress that you want to load.

Load progress prompt in Shenmue 3

That’s it! I hope this helps you boost your adventure in Shenmue 3. For more tips and tricks, visit our Ultimate guide for Shenmue 3.

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