How to Get Blue Dragon Vase and Skill Book (Heartbreak Kung Fu) in Shenmue 3

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A request mission called Heartbreak Kung Fu can be activated by talking to a shy guy in Joy Park, who has a problem with his love-life that he admire someone but too shy to show his feelings to her and request Ryo to do something about it.

Table of Content

  1. How to Activate Heartbreak Kung Fu
  2. Find Wei Zhen
  3. Report Back to Yang Wenliang
  4. Apologize to Wei Zhen
  5. Rewards

Completing the request quest will reward you a Blue Dragon Vase and a Skill book to exchange for a new skill for Ryo.

How to Activate Heartbreak Kung Fu

Talk to Yang Wenliang at Joy Park.

Then, there should be a yellow information icon when you’re near to him, then press J for PC, Square button for PS4 or X button for XBOX One to activate the cut-scene.

Heartbreak Kung Fu Yang Wenliang in Shenmue 3

He will then asked you to talk to Wei Zhen for him if she has a boyfriend.

Yang Wenliang Shenmue 3

And if not, if she’s looking for one. And if she’s okay dating someone who can’t fight.

Find Wei Zhen

You can find Wei Zhen location at the Sunflower Groove. She is the one doing a Kung Fu or like a Yoga dance.

Talk to her and asked the question about Yang’s request. Ryo will then asked if she seeing anyone and if she is looking for a boyfriend.

Wei Zhen Flattered Shenmue 3

You’ll then challenge by Wei to fight, you need to defeat her in order to complete this side quest.

Shenmue 3 Wei Zhen vs Ryo

Once you’ve defeated Wei, then Ryo revealed again that he asked the question for someone. Wei then told Ryo that “a man who cannot talk to the girl he likes is no man I’m interested in.”

Wei Zhen Screenshot in Shenmue 3

Since you’ve got the information. You need to go back to Yang.

Report Back to Yang Wenliang

Go back to the Joy Park and talk to Yang Wenliang.

Once you’ve talked to Yang, Ryo conveyed Wei Zhen’s response to Yang.

Suddenly, Yang got disappointed and seems to give up hope.

Yang Disappointed Shenmue 3

Ryo then feels bad to Wei Zhen and thinks he did wrong and he should apologize to her.

Apologize to Wei Zhen

Go back to Sunshine Groove and look for Wei Zhen, talk to her and apologize.

Forgiven Ryo Shenmue 3 with Wei Zhen

After talking to her, Wei Zhen is happy to spar with Ryo and everything looks good.

Blue Dragon Base Reward Heart Break Kung Fu Shenmue 3

You’ll then be rewarded with the items and the Heartbreak Kung Fu request mission will be completed.

Blue Dragon Base Reward in Shenmue 3


Finishing this request mission will get the following rewards:

  • Blue Dragon Vase
  • Pawn Shop

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