How to Get White Lure for Bai Qinghao, Capsule of Love in Shenmue 3

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There is a request mission in Shenmue 3 called Capsule of Love, where you need to collect items from the capsule toys scattered all over the town. This quest can be triggered when you talk to a boy wearing a yellow-stripe shirt named Bai Qinghao at Village Square.

Bai Qinghao ryu helps in Shenmue 3

Bai Qinhao got a problem because his grandpa is sick and sleep all the time. The kid wants to help his grandpa to buy a medicine, unfortunately, he has no money either. And he has a capsule collection that he wants to sell to earn some money but requires a whole set and Bai is missing one item.

Bai Qinghao need helps for Grandpa in Shenmue 3

Ryu then has an option to help Bai Qinhao, when he helps the kid. The missing item is the White Lure from the fishing series.

How to Get White Lure

In order to get the White Lure, you need to play to the Capsule Toys in the Village Square near the Fast Kitchen house.

Fishing Series Capsule Set location in Shenmue 3

The Capsule Toys that gives a White Lure is the yellow machine on the left corner.

Capsule Set Fishing Series lure in Shenmue 3

However, getting the White Lure is super rare. In our case, we’ve spent almost 575 yuan in a bet or a total of 115 tries to get the White Lure. Each bet cost 5 yuan. We don’t know the probability chances, but in our estimate, the probability is 3% to 5%.

Capsule set Yellow machine lure in Shenmue 3

If you are lucky and get one. The White Lure looks like this.

Shenmue 3 fishing series white lure

Once you have the missing item, go back to Bai Qinghao at the Village Square and hand over the missing item.


There are no rewards yet as this is part of the Capsule of Love request mission. Once you’ve given the White Lure to Bai, he will then request for another item in the Capsule Toys. “I don’t think selling the Fishing Series will be enough to get the medicine…” 🙂

Bai Qinghao needs more capsule sets Shenmue 3

That’s it! I hope this helps you with finding the White Lure. For more tips, visit our Ultimate Guide for Shenmue 3.

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