How to Unlock New Everwing Guardian Lucia

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In celebration of Everwing’s Polar League event and the Christmas season. Everwing is launching new guardian for you to play. This Ice Queen’s is a guardian of Frost, sending chills to Everwing and an only daughter guardian are surrounded only by its Queen and its minions. Her name is Lucia, As the successor of her mother’s throne – this guardian spent her days training in the Queen’s Ice discipline and relentlessly training to be a top notch and win the queen’s approval to be as the best.

As Lucia grews, you help her fulfilled this dream and level up her and battle different conquest available in the game. Her fate is in your hand, it’s how you play Lucia and become the next queen.

This new guardian has abilities a Freeze abilities where it shoots a freezing sub-zero temperature shots to the enemies. It is best also to pair this new guardian with a polar sidekick that makes Lucia more efficient during the combat.

How to unlock Guardian Lucia in Everwing?

  1. Join a Raid Boss
  2. You’ll be rewarded with the event chest
  3. The event will give you a percentage chance to get guardian lucia.

We’ll upload the gameplay once we get Lucia in the game. Currently, lucia is not yet available in Everwing and will launch on the upcoming week. So stay tuned for news and update for Everwing.

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