Everwing New Sidekicks Royal Sphinx’s Guard

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A new sidekick of everwing have arrived! The Royal Sphinx’s Guard. With great sidekicks comes with a great abilities, this sidekick increases your item reach similar to magnetic effect where it can help you get more golds and diamonds. It has a 40% chance of getting gem from treasure chest and prismatic homing bullets changing elements to match that will weakens the enemies.

You can get Royal Sphinx’s with its new mission. You need to complete the Challenge of the Sphinx and exclusive mission and has a 2% chance of getting a Royal Sphinx drop egg. Though the missions has a 2 hour cool down before you can able to redo again.

In addition, there are two new sidekicks rarities has been added on this update this include for epic and mythic. Epic is between Rare and Legendary, and Mythic is above Legendary.

The new updates also sorted how rarities and higher level sidekicks in your sidekick menu, so you can easily use your dragon for missions.

They also added that they are keeping and constantly improving the game for a better experience, so if you have not played Everwing for a long time. It’s time to pay a visit and play the game.

Check below for the complete announcement:

Till Tuesday, October 10, 1AM GMT+8

Mythic Sidekick, Pharocius! Prismatic Homing Attack, +50% Damage to Bosses, +40 item/coin reach

For a limited time, complete missions at the bottom of the Main Menu to unlock Pharocius or 1 of 5 other new and exclusive sidekicks of the Royal Sphinx’s Guard!

New Missions open after 2 hours.

Each of these sidekicks is imbued with magnetic magic, adding to your item and coin collection radius, in addition to other powers.

In the hidden, ancient dunes, deep within the sandstorms of the Whisperwind Desert, Sophia discovered a pyramid and tomb complex dating back to times before recorded history. There she found the Royal Shpinx’s Guard, protecting a secret that’s lain dormant for millenian: The Force of Elements.

The discovery of the Force of Elements has allowed the Guardians to unlock the Elemental Weaknesses of their enemies. Sidekicks now deal 50% bonus damage against bosses whose weakness matches their element. The Royal Sphinx Pharocius is imbued with the Prismatic Element, which is strong against all other Elements.

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