Everwing New Epic Sidekick Dragon Rumi, Roma and Rochelais

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The other remaining new set of sidekick dragon in Everwing is the Rochelais a pharaohs bird like where it’s specialty same with other dragon, its +40 additional reach to gold, gems and items. And the difference with this sidekick is it has 25% chance of getting treasure chests for you to get more gems and achieve high score in single game. My observation when using Epic dragon with Arcana it has different specialties, this time it summons gems instead of high power waves that destroy enemies.

The first evolution of this sidekick is called Rumi, a cute bird that has cover on his head. It’s damage when reach level 10 is up to 52. In the game it fires a straight fireball to the enemies.

Second evolution is called Roma, much mature and tougher bird and the minimum damage it can get when it reach level 20 is 88.

The last and final evolution is called Rochelais, It has a damage of 141 when reaches level 30. The wings in the avatar of this sidekicks is now expanded and a golden wing in the game.

How to get this new sidekick? You can get it by completing the challenge of the sphinx and you have 2% chance of getting this dragon. You can also watch the gameplay of Rochelais in our YouTube channel or below.

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