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Everwing New Boss Dr. Mekaniac

Everwing New Boss Dr. Mekaniac

Everwing just uploaded a GIF of its sneak preview of their new boss for their upcoming Mekanical Mayhem Event. The new boss is called Dr. Mekaniac, a boss riding enemy on a mech copter that looks like bowser in super mario. Based from the animation it fires a missiles to you, it could be a missile seeker or by random.

Though the information of this new boss are still unknown, you can check its sneak GIF below.

On Mekanical Mayhem, we’ll expect new sidekicks, boss and character like Lyra that will be release on this event. We’ll update you more information regarding this new boss in the coming week. Are you excited to defeat this new boss? Let us know by leaving a comment down below. Thanks for reading guys!


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