New Everwing Character Trixie Guardian of Mischief

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Halloween here we come! Together with this especial event of the year, Everwing also launch a new Character – Trixie The Guardian of Mischief. She’s a spunky warrior with loves on sweets, it’s special ability is to collects candy to rush along the enemy waves and it also gain massive boosts in Boss Raids.

Trixie can collect small or large candies to charge up its power bar. A small candies can fill up 12.5% of its power bar and large candies can fill 25% of its power bar. With this advantage you can easily make a candy rush power to the enemies by just collecting candies.

During the Normal Run, its special abilities Candy Rush power can rush and past all monster and automatically collects items that drops. So, its like the Pink/Red Circle Rush power ups that we usually get in the game.

For Sidekicks, you can pair any dragons with Rush Flower abilities.

During the Boss Raids, Trixie can move 2x faster within 5 seconds and it gains additional bonus to the bosses.

How to unlock Trixie in Everwing?

  1. Join a Mission and Complete it.
  2. After this, you can get Mission chests.
  3. Getting this Mission chests will give you 4% chances of getting Trixie.

You may also try the Hallowing Event Spirit Festival now in Everwing. Will upload the gameplay below after we’ve get the new Guardian Trixie.

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