Everwing New Mythic Sidekick Dragon Pharis, Pharion and Pharocius

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Everwing release 6 new dragon in the Everwing and a new class called Mythic dragon where it has awesome aura effect on it’s avatar and much more powerful than Legendary, BossRaid and Rare Dragon. The new dragon that possess the mythical power is the new sidekick Pharocius. Pharocius has an ultimate reach for the gem, gold and other items in the game at additional +40 Item reach, It creates a massive damage to the bosses as well at +50 damage and its prismatic homing attack where the fireballs has a rainbow like effect and its very fast.

On its first evolution, It’s name is Pharis a cute lion egyption pharaoh, it has a damage of 62 at level 10 more powerful than previous dragon everwing had.

Second evolution, he is now Pharion a more matured one with longer wings. The damage can take damage to the enemies when it reaches level 20 is now 105.

The final evolution is Pharocius, a very powerful 3 star sidekick dragon it has ultimate damage of 169 when you pair it with exact zodiac. Though the minimum damage it gets when reaching level 30 is at 135 damage.

With this new type of sidekick, this is probably just a beginning of many more improvement in the games and we’ve expect more sidekick to come that you can hatch! How to get Pharis? You have to complete the Challenge of The Sphinx and you have a chance of 2% getting this sidekick. To see the full gameplay of the game, you can watch our YouTube video below.

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