Everwing New Prismatic Homing Abilities

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With everwing’s new updates. A new breed of sidekick has been also released this includes the very unique Mythic sidekick dragon Pharis, it has a new glowing emblem in its avatar that adds powerful aura for your sidekick dragons. Pharis also holds the abilities of Prismatic Homing, where this guided fireball will hit the enemies anywhere they’re are plus a prismatic effect where it changes the fireball types depending on the boss weakness.

The updates also include additional boss weakness, where the boss can easily defeated depending on its element. If a boss is an ice boss, its weakness is the fire. The prismatic homing however will give you more abilities to hit more damage to the boss as it changes its fireball to different elements depending on the bosses you’re fighting. If its ice, your homing bullets turns in to fire element in which it is their weakness.

These are just some new update of the game in EverWing, and the Lyra are still not yet fully released. And she maybe hold a unique ability as well or much powerful than Arcana? You may also check some of the gameplay of Pharis below.

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