Everwing Sidekick New Legendary Dragon Heros, Havanna and Hartumas

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Everwing has a new set of sidekick dragons and this includes the legendary Cat dragon called Hartumas. Based from an ancient Egyptian cats, it has abilities to get items easily by its +40 item reach and got more chance of getting gem in treasure chests.

It’s first evolution is Heros, it has a minimum damage of 56 when it reach level 10. It’s avatar is cutie kitten with green little eyes, It also has a golden wing when you play heros in the game.

Its second evolution is Havanna, reaching level 20 will give you 95 damage. The avatar of Havanna is a grown up cat with its nice golden reddish tails and when you play it during the game it’s wing is more expanded and some golden patches in its head.

It’s final evolution is Hartumas, a fully grown up cat with massive golden wings and burning tails. When you reach level 30 it has minimum damage of 122. During the game it ears turns in to gold as well and some improvements on its wings and tails.

How to get Heros, Havanna or Hartumas? You can get this new dragon during its event Challenge of the Sphinx where you will be rewarded with a treasure where you have 2% chance of getting this super rare sidekicks.

You can also watch the actual gameplay of Heros, Havanna and Hartumas in the video below.

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