Everwing Polar League Event is Now Up

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If you haven’t check Everwing for awhile, they have a new event dedicated for this Christmas eve – its The Polar League Egg Event. The event features new Polar Egg, new sidekick abilities and new set of sidekicks.

Polar Egg – Egg Event

Get this exclusive Polar Egg, hatching this egg will give you chance to get the new Polar League Mythic sidekicks or the Legendaries. The eggs is available in both regular eggs and the special Polar Egg.

New Sidekick Abilities

This event update includes the new abilities of sidekicks. Based from the name of this event, its the Freeze abilities. With this new abilities, all of your Event Sidekicks will have a Snow Cone skills. This skill will create a sub-zero temperature cone that will chill the enemies, can freeze and destroy meteors and turns the enemy bullet into harmless snowflakes when collided.

New Event Sidekicks

Everwing’s Polar League Event comes with 5 new sidekicks, the Theodore, Panzerbjorn, Blitzen, Minerva and Prancer. Below are the complete list of the new sidekick for this event:

From left to right. Ted, Theo, Theodore. The Fire type sidekick with a Mythic rarity, It has a power of Snow Cone and + 40% Item chance & duration.


From left to right. Bjorn Stobjorn, Panzerbjorn. This Water type sidekick has a Mythic rarity, the power of this sidekick is Snow Cone, chilling breath and +50% damage to the enemy boss.

From left to right. Blip, Blitzer and Blitzen. The Nature type sidekick with a Legendary rarity level, it has an abilities of Snow Cone and +40% rush flowers.

From left to right. Mina, Minne and Minerva. This Light Element type sidekick has a Legendary rarity level and has a power of Snow Cone and +40% magnets.

From left to right. Dasher, Dancer and Prancer. The last but not the leasy – This Shadow type sidekick with a Legendary rarity level has a power of Snow Cone and attacks in a destructive spread pattern.

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  • Vany December 26, 2017 8:19 am

    Everwing polar event: I can’t seem to get ted fire element from polar eggs or at all. I tried mythic eggs n polar eggs but you mentioned two polar type eggs n only one is available?!? Also will a 6th sidekick be added? (as the event says 6 but only five are mentioned and pictured.)

  • Diana January 9, 2018 5:59 pm

    Hi I am wondering how to switch from one event to another. I already did the perfect zodiac twice for Fortuna’s Blessing. I would like to start the Polar one or anything else but Fortuna’s Blessing stays up. Please let me know what I can do.


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