Ragnarok Tactics Ultimate Guide – Everything You Need to Know

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Ragnarok Tactics is the new idle game of Gravity, a unique genre where you’ll watch your set of monsters fight in auto mode or manually command them on the battlefield. Aside from the player’s level, it has a Combat Power model or CP which aggregates the statistic of how powerful is the player is.

Basically, to be stronger in Ragnarok Tactics, you need to have high CP to battle against the player in the PVP or participate in the Guild Wars.

There are lots of ways to increase the level and CP of your account. And below, we will try to discuss it one by one, including how you reroll for a better initial account.

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The main story of the game is the adventure if you’re a Free to Play (F2P) player, this is the most important part where you’ll get free monsters, items, and Zeny.

Every time you clear a stage, you’ll earn experience from doing it. Leveling up your player’s level as well as getting loots. In each chapter, there is also a BOSS enemy where it will test your monsters’ level and Combat Power against the BOSS, make sure to level up your monster levels and equip them with items.

If you reach higher stages, some stages are account level locked, when this happens, you need to click the Treasure icon on the upper right corner, to get the Exploration Rewards that contain the experience to level up your account even you’re not playing it.

ReRoll Monsters

If you don’t know the meaning of Reroll, it is basically a process where you’ll create several guest account until you’ll get the best item/monster from the initial free rewards, which could be a form of vouchers or event rewards that contains monsters.

Currently, the game has a lot of free event rewards for their opening debut, which includes 10 vouchers for hatching monsters and 20 vouchers for the Essence item. There are also other event task rewards where you could get more SS Monsters.

What good with Ragnarok Tactics is every 10 hatch, it is guaranteed you’ll get an S monster or an SS monster.

The Reroll process will take about 5 to 15 minutes to complete, from finishing the tutorial phases until reaching a certain level to unlocked the Hatch Lab.

Once you’ve unlocked the Hatch Lab, you need to proceed to it and access any of the Hatching Event: “King of Aliens”, “Strongest Warrior” or “Mons Hatch”. But we recommend “Strongest Warrior”, because it has a higher chance of getting the SS monsters.

In our case, our free 10 voucher hatch gives us two S monsters and 1 SS monsters.

Combat Position

Aside from the level and CP power, positioning your monsters on the battlefield helps a lot to win the battle. Ragnarok Tactics is not just about CP, a difference of 10,000 CP to your enemies makes a lot of difference when you have a good lineup strategy even you have low CP against them.

In Ragnarok Tactics, the battlefield is a 5 x 3 tiles, and you need to position up to 5 monsters on the field slot. You also have the ability to draw a path where your monsters can attach and position when the battle started.

We recommend that you put all of the Melee monsters in the front, and all of the ranged monsters in the back. For the strategy, it depends on enemies’ line up on what you’re going to use. We will cover this on a separate guide.

List Guide

Here are some list that is helpful for references.

  1. Monsters Tier List

Check our how to’s guide below:

  1. Essential to Evolve Monsters to Red Stars
  2. How to Level Up Monsters Faster
  3. How to Get Gold SS Monster’s
  4. How to Get More Food for Monsters Love Connection
    1. How to Get Ruby
    2. How to Get Scarlet Rose and Eternal Rose
  5. How to Evolve or Refine Gem

Basic Guide

Here are some basic guides for the game:

In the meantime, we are still playing the game and writing up more tips about Ragnarok Tactics. We also make sure to link them here in our ultimate guide.

You may watch our first 30-minutes gameplay of the game below.

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