How to Evolve or Refine Gem in Ragnarok Tactics

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Aside from leveling up the Gem on monsters in Ragnarok Tactics, there are also way to boost the gem and that is by doing the Refine. The refine will allow you to evolve the gem and earn a star level just like evolving Monster that uses Talent Fruit. This way, you’ll get more stat aside from the level of the gem.

However, the Refine gem is only available for the Legendary Gem, If you click on these gems, there should be a Refine button in it.

How to Refine Gem

To evolve or refine the gem, you need materials for it and the materials is a Legendary Gem with the same color.

Below are some lists required to refine the gem depending on its current level.

Refine LevelGem Required
0 to 1 Yellow Star1 Legendary Gem (Same Color)
1 to 2 Yellow Star1 LegendaryGem (Same Color)
2 to 3 Yellow Star2 LegendaryGem (Same Color)
3 to 4 Yellow Star2 LegendaryGem (Same Color)
4 to 5 Yellow Star3 LegendaryGem (Same Color)

For a step-by-step guides, go to the Gem of your Monsters. Then select the Legendary Gem you have, then click Refine.

It will then preview the upgrade stat you’ll get once you’ve refined the gem. Now, select the + in the Refining material cost.

Check the Legendary Gem that you’d like to sacrifice for Refine. If the gem you selected is already been enhance, do not worry all materials will be refunded.

Now, click the Refine button to finally refine the gem.

That’s it! You have now the gem refined.

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