Essentials to Evolve Monsters to Red Stars in Ragnarok Masters

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Getting stuck at 4 gold stars to your monsters is really the hardest part of evolving it especially when you’re using SS monsters. Lots of players especially pro’s are already know how to get all of the essential in the game and techniques on how to evolve their monsters to 5 red stars monster easily unlocking the max 250 level.

The good thing is these essentials are free to obtain in the game but of course, it takes time to obtain everything.

Get Duplicate Monsters (Love Connection)

Essentially, you need a duplicate of the monsters in order to level up it to 5 gold stars. Getting the same monsters is pretty hard especially when you only rely at the hatching.

There are ways to get the same monster you already obtain and this is by feeding your monsters with foods at the Love Connections. Once you’ve unlocked the level 3 connection, you’ll get access to its Wonderland where you can sweep or battle the 5 different quests.

But each of the quests inside requires you to reach some love connection level and when you unlock everything at level 21 connection, you can finish all of the quests and obtain all of the free 40 shards of the monster. Every day, you have a chance to sweep the wonderland quest and get a total of 3 shards. It means you need a total of 7 days to get a total of 60 shards to summon the monster.

To recap for obtaining the same monsters:

  • Feed monsters with food to level up connection.
  • Level up the connection to level 3 to unlock Wonderland.
  • Reach level 21 connection to unlock all quests in Wonderland.
  • Finish all of the wonderland quest to obtain a total of 40 shards.
  • Each day, you’ll get 3 shards by sweeping the Wonderlands quest.
  • Get a total of 60 Shards to summon and obtain the monsters.
  • Starting the day you unlock the level 21 connection, it takes 7 days to collect 60 shards for summoning the monster.

Where to Get Specific A and B Monsters (Dismantle Monster)

The next ingredients of evolving your monsters are the specific A or B monsters and has to be in the same Faction like Scissors, Rocks, Papers, Black and White.

There are many ways but the recommended way is using the Monster Coin, You can actually get this free by sacrificing your unused monsters.

To get a Monster Coin, you just have to Dismantle the monster, this is by going to Monsters > Dismantle Monster, then select the monster that you’d like to sacrifice.

Each rarity type of monster has an equivalent amount of coins, see it below.

Monsters RarityAmounts
SS Monsters2250 Monster Coin
S Monsters800 Monster Coin
A Monsters120 Monster Coin
B Monsters20 Monster Coin
Eggrya Monsters600 Monster Coins

Where to use Monster Coin? Just head to Store then at Monster. From here, you can purchase shard packages to summon the faction monster you need or the specific.

Below are the list of monster you can purchase with Monsters Coin (MC).

Rank A Monster Package
(You can select specific A Monster with this in any faction)
800 MC
Rank A Egg (Rock) Shards600 MC
Rank A Egg (Paper) Shards600 MC
Rank A Egg (Scissors) Shards600 MC
Rank A Egg (Black) Shards900 MC
Rank A Egg (White) Shards900 MC
Rank B Egg (Rock) Shards100 MC
Rank B Egg (Paper) Shards100 MC
Rank B Egg (Scissors) Shards100 MC
Rank B Egg (White) Shards150 MC
Rank B Egg (Black) Shards150 MC

You can get food by claiming the free food pack for every 4 hours. You can also get it from the Store (Monsters) using Monster Coin for 360 MC.

Eggrya for Evolving to Red Stars

The last essential for evolving your monsters to 3 red stars up to 5 red stars are the Eggrya Monsters. You probably obtain it randomly from Hatching and you’re a little bit confused where to use the Eggrya monsters.

There are 4 ways to obtain this monsters.

The first one is from the Hatching, basically, you can get it randomly from there.

The second is from the Store, but it is by random, you need to refresh the listing in order to get the Eggrya Package. Sometimes it is sold for 20,000,000 Zeny or for 2,000 GP.

The third is still from the Store at Monsters tab using the Monster Coin.

Shining Eggrya Package
(Pick from 4 Factions)
4,500 MC
Eggrya Package
(Pick Rock, Scissors, and Paper Faction)
3,000 MC

Lastly, from the Challenges at the God Beast Strike. Beating the boss at Elite level and above contains shards for Eggrya.

That’s it! I hope these small tips will help you evolve your monsters in no time. For more tips like this, check our ultimate guide for Ragnarok Tactics.

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